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Winging with Jim and Jimmy: The Intermediate Purgatory (Part 2 of 4)

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Wow. What a weekend.

Last Wednesday, I received a special request to help out an old friend who was in town for 24 hours. Jim was arriving from Hong Kong on Friday and leaving on Saturday, so he wanted to see where he was going wrong with his oh-so-exciting airport game.

On Thursday, I got a text from Zaj (a new student), who recently broke up with his fiancee and wanted to rebound with a 8.5 for GOOD measure. So he booked me in for a Sunday fun-day sesh.

And on Friday, when Jim arrived, I decided to go pick him up at the airport to do some airport game (something I always wanted to try).

So we ended up running the equivalent of a 3-day bootcamp (Fri-Sun)... and...

*Kevin Keegan voice on*


*Kevin Keegan voice off*

loved it

Loved it

So as promised, here is part 2 of winging with Jim and Jimmy, the results.

Click here for Part 1 to see Jim and Jimmy’s background and sticking points.



In a way it was expected, but Jim was very solid fundamentally.

He could approach well with minimal AA (nervous sure, but significantly better than in 2009), he could hold a conversation if the girl gives him a chance, and he could sexually escalate quite VULGARLY when the time is right (big tick)

But his problem is that too many sets ends up reminiscent of a platonic chat, where the girl likes you or seems to be enjoying the conversation, but you know deep down it isn’t going anywhere - at least not to her bedroom.

"Where do you work"

"What did you study"

"Where did you go for Christmas"

"Was it nice?"

"Can I have your number"

It is very boring for both you and her.

With this level of game, you can occasionally hit the sweet spot and everything just flows from open to fclose, on top of that you get the odd lays that choose you (the 'yes girls'). But the low conversion rate and the lack of control will ultimately frustrate you until you snap.

Jim (and many other intermediates) is stuck at transforming those bland linear interview-style conversations into a fun, unpredictable convo full of sexual possibilities.

Cause of Sticking Point(s)

There are many possible causes, everyyyyyone has a different background story, but many of the symptoms are the same. The root of Jim’s evil were:

  • Hiding your dick (aka your true intentions) - This does NOT mean you walk around with your floppy 4-and-half inch dick hanging out of your zipper (that’s for experts who are bored of fclosing 9s and 10s; or noobs putting up a brave front), but it means to articulate and communicate your vulgar desires in a socially calibrated way (some people call it charisma/game).

    Do you really give an OUNCE of fuck about where she works or what she studied? 99% of guys would say no, but we still question it for a mixture of reasons.

    The key here is to be honest with yourself.

    What are you there to do?

    Long answer: enjoy a man-to-woman, flirty, GIGGLY interaction with a sexually attractive girl (amazing feeling), which may end up in a wild romp where we both explore our sexual fantasies (again, amazing).

    Short answer: to cream her silly.

    So act in a way that is in alignment with your goal.

    Asking only about her studies, work, and where is she going for Easter should be reserved unless your goal is to become one of her best friends.

  • Doesn’t know HOW to spice up the conversation - The reason many guys adopt the nice-guy game above is because they don’t know how to spice up the conversation. For beginners, the solution is to read some pickup materials and integrate the openers/stories/routines that reflect your personality (Daygame Mastery my recommendation).

    But the key for intermediates here is how you FEEL when you deliver them, as opposed to just memorising some lines and reciting them like a chore (will go into more details later on).

  • He doesn’t NEED the lay and/or isn’t willing to let the ego die - a typical intermediate problem (probably the biggest). On any journey to mastery you embark on, you will experience the diminishing rate of returns. What it means is that when you first start, you can yield 8 units of results with 2 units of effort (“I lost 8kg in 2 weeks!!”). But as you edge closer to the peak of your craft, it inverses to become 8 units of effort for 2 units of yield (sometimes 80 units of effort just to yield 2).

    If you are intermediate, chances are you already had your fair share of adventures and lays. You simply have no reason to push on like a madman that is required to get to the next level, unless you have something driving you from deep within.

    So how do you achieve that?


In this case, there is NO one size fit all solution (magic pill) for intermediates. If you were hoping for that magic pill solution, that IS the reason why you are stuck where you are.

It comes down to extreme hard work (just being honest), and a culmination of many one-percenters. I will list the ones that helped ME blast out of that intermediate purgatory where I was stuck for a good 3 and half years.

I know many people cannot relate to the theory, so I will be succinct. If you are indeed an intermediate stuck at this stage, feel free to email/contact us, we can go over your areas of improvement in minute details (pronounced my-newt).

We shall continue the thesis next week.

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