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Winging with Jim and Jimmy (Part 1 of 2)

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This weekend I will be winging with Jim, who is my best friend and first ever wing; and Jimmy the Jett, who is my first ever student.

It is one of those events in life that is as close to being in a time machine as possible.

In some ways, Jim and Jimmy pretty much walked the same linear path, except 10 years apart.

  • They both grew up extremely gifted academically;

  • They both felt the hopelessness which descended upon them when their A+ in calculus got them a grand total of 0 notches on their well-worn belt;

  • They both accepted they need to change ← always the first step to redemption

ALL they wanted… was a bit of (hairy) mushu...

I am sure many people can relate.

rush hour mushu

"All he wanted was a bit of a mushu"

But life simply does not give you what you want (it gives you what you need to become stronger).

And after a 10 year, whirlwind adventure, here we are coming around the full circle, being back at one (one, you’re like a dream come true).

What I want to do is give a quick background on the two kombatants, what their key sticking points are, how they fare this weekend on the battlefield, and my 2cents on how they may improve.

Just my 2cents, which is all it’s worth.

Lets start with Jim:


Began this journey with Hugzy in 2007 as an innocent, pimple faced, CONFUSED boy lost in the woods. Paid his dues during a determined, 2 year sarging spree that peaked with seeing 6 girls on rotation in 7 days (Sunday was to grant his favorite concubine a second audience for the week ).

Has retired from the game since 2014, however, in recent years discovered the treasure that is AIRPORT game during his business travels. There is nothing more exciting than going on a business trip, hitting it off with a girl who is also abroad (holiday or work), meeting up after work, and fclose her 5 times in your penthouse suite overlooking the foreign city.

Life is GOOD.

Sticking Point:

Now that sounds AMAZING, but Jim is experiencing the typical frustration that comes with the intermediate stage where attraction and an amazing initial interaction somehow does NOT lead to a lay. Sometimes it’s logistics, sometimes your game is not tight enough, sometimes she lets you finger her but just would NOT put out (yes it happens).

All that is once again is bringing Jim much confusion… albeit in a much better position.

So, all he wants is just a bit of feedback which may help with those initially hot, but then luke-warm leads that slowly but surely peters out; and convert them to that eye-rolling-to-the-back-of-the-head blowjob (with lots of noises, lots of eye contact), from a girl you just met at the airport 6 hours ago ← simply amazing.

PS. I haven’t seen Jim approach since circa 2012 so maybe his sticking point is something completely different, will be interesting to see.

Now everyone’s favourite, Jimmy the Jett:


Most people already know of Jimmy’s struggles, probably THE hardest case noobie who actually crawled out of the chode slums through PURE determination and hard work (there are harder cases, except they never even attempt to crawl out).

Has improved drastically recently but still a lonnnnnng way to go to where he wants to be (consistently fclosing 7.5s and above).

Sticking Point:

Jimmy is at the stage where he knows pretty much every theory in the back of his head, but executing them is a completely different matter.

Has a few recurring sticking points: being a bit weak on the open, a bit too rapport seeking during the set, gets a bit too excited when things are going well

But his biggest sticking point is still physical escalation during Day2s. Not just doing it, but doing it properly (a rambo I-am-escalating-no-matter-what approach might get you across the line with the 7s and below, but will get you very inconsistent results with the hotter, more experienced girls).

Given tomorrow there won’t be any Day2s (unless insta-date), we will work on Jimmy’s recurring sticking points during the approach and collect a bag of potential Day2s (just a bit of grocery shopping on the weekend )

So, the 3 musketeers will walk into battle tomorrow and raid the French village of Beauchaux (aka Circular Quay).

How we fare will be recounted next week.

To be continued...

PS. more than happy to get reverse feedback from J and J. My game and the way I run my sessions are far from perfect, would love to learn together.