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3 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend/Wife Will Cheat on You

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It was a dim, romantically lit hotel room, located along the coastlines of Metropolis Hong Kong. It had an ocean view.

My darkened shaft (from the wear and tear over the years - like a well worn sock - ew ), was sliding rigorously in and out of a moist vag. Working overtime as it always does.

The girl grabbed my buttcheeks with vigour and commanded me to let it all out inside her… fill her up with my hot cum.

At the time, I was relatively inexperienced (my 7th lei?), and the thought of being commanded was both hot and exciting.

But what’s even hotter (and exciting-er) was the fact that she was married… with a kid (Hi Jasper ).

With all my will power - and trust me it took ALOT of will power - I pulled out hugzy, and released 2 or 3 GIANT stringy ropers over her body (and a few more smaller drippy ropers after that )

Why didn’t you cum inside me” - she inquisited.

“Because your husband would unload a pump shotty into me” - I thought

hotel room

Scene of the crime

Sorry, that was my version of 50 shades of grey… will not be writing any more of that vulgar stuff in the future.

But today we will be exploring the reasons why cheating is so prevalent these days.

Personally, I’ve (luckily) only been cheated once (ironically she had a kid as well).

But I have been the “other” man half a dozen times. Not many, but enough to formulate an opinion on this thorny matter.

married woman

The type of photos I was receiving from my married friend

So here is 3 reasons why you may one day find your perfect partner in bed being slammed by a guy she just met on the streets:

1. Becoming Too Comfortable and Losing Your Drive

Picture this.

A charming guy walks down the street.

He has a job he enjoys, he keeps up with his fitness, and has many hobbies he is passionate about.

With his affairs in order, he feels good about himself, his life, and the world.

He meets a very attractive looking girl on the streets. They start off casual but soon hit it off, and enter into a serious relationship.

Three years later that same guy now looks like this:

man losing his drive

Disclaimer: Love Matt Damon for persevering after 1000 audition rejections

Unfortunately it is human nature to slack off after reaching our goals. And after entering into a serious relationship/marriage, you are burdened by a mixture of “what’s the point” mentality and the daily chores that comes after the initial honeymoon phase.

Yes there are cases where things are different, but those are the exception rather than the rule.

And once you lose that drive, you are no longer the man she was initially attracted to. Same could be said for the girl (once she loses her feminine energy).

2. The Unnatural Nature of Marriage

How would you feel if you were forced to eat Weetbix, for breakfast, lunch and tea?

If your answer was “I would enjoy it”, then marriage is definitely made for you.

But unfortunately monogamy is NOT natural.

Naturally, girls are hardwired to be attracted to alpha males.

But one of the alpha male traits is longing for freedom, and as a by-product, roaming around mating with different partners. There is a reason why when a girl sees you with another girl (even if it’s just a friend), her attraction towards you skyrockets instantly.

Marriage is handcuffing that alpha male to one girl, for the rest of his life.

Would you allow yourself to occasionally have a cheat meal if you ate Weetbix every single day?

3. A Girl’s Need for Both Thrill and Safety

Alpha fucks, beta bucks - an old adage amongst red-pillers.

But the truth is, a girl needs both traits in her life, and it doesn’t have to come from the same man. The truth hurts.

She needs the fun and thrill that comes with living dangerously with an alpha male (doesn’t have to be physical), but also the safety and comfort that a “beta provider” brings.

Marriage, and the daily routines that comes with it, is filled with beta energies.

It is very difficult for a man to be both (alpha and beta). Ladies, if you do find that man, a tender aggressive man as Elliot Hulse, so eloquently put, make sure you poke a hole in the condom, because his genes will be well sought after.


Are all marriages and relationships doomed from the start?

FAR from it. I know many couples who are living their happily ever after.

But it’s not easy to find the right person to be your partner for 50 years or more.

A combination of love, chemistry, logistics, values, timing, LUCK are just some of the key factors that play a part.

But if you do find that right person, your relationship will grow stronger and stronger over the years (the sex get better and better too ).

And not only would she stay loyal to you, but she will also help YOU grow.

Good luck finding her :)