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What I Learnt from My 1st Time Teaching Pickup

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“Hurgh pew”... I groaned as I spat out the last little bit of vomit onto the ground.

My saliva formed a spit bridge with the concrete cement. It was NOT a pretty sight.

It was broad daylight, at Central Railway Station. People at the nearby bus stop looked at me with both concern and disgust.

I was on my way to meet my first ever client.

It was the first time someone actually PAID me to teach them pickup. I have winged dozens, if not hundreds of guys before, but this was different.

I was shaking in fear and excitement. It’s what happens when you remove that safety net in life.

Helmet on, mouthguard in

*Helmet on, mouthguard in

When I finally saw Blanko (not to be confused with Blanka), he was waiting for me at a cafe. I took a DEEP breath and walked in with a smile.

He looked terrified (absolutely PETRIFIED), and on the inside, so was I.

I wanted to know a bit about Blanko before going full blast, what his background is, how experienced he is with the art of coitus, whether he is likely to neck a girl if she rejects him etc.


What NOT to do when a girl rejects you…

Blanko is a good guy with a typical backstory. He just dumped his 4-year girlfriend (highschool sweetheart), and at first the freedom feels AMAZING. But after a mini-dry spell (couple of rejections and a few lonely nights), it is becoming very hard to resist the alluring “Baby do u still miss me?” messages from the ex.

After a 15 minute get-to-know-you chat, which is usually enough to make sure the client is not insane, it was time to hit the field.

Note: There is no amount of talking or analysing theories that can help you fix your core issues. The only way is taking positive action.

For those who have winged with me, my first rule is always: approach the first fuckable girl you see.

It is not a magic pill solution (everyone has their own secret herbs and spices), but it is what works best for me. And over time, you will discover what works for you.

And the first girl I saw was a white 7... waiting at the traffic lights with a half-dozen pedestrians.

Now depending on your upbringing and worldly experience, it might sound like an extremely daunting task, and to most people it is (my heart is racing as I recall the experience). But when you practice a task repeatedly over a number of years, you will become better equipped at handling it. #commonsense

This was not the most difficult set I have done, but it CERTAINLY was not easy either. Especially with a handful of people waiting at the same traffic light in close proximity, doing what a courteous citizen should do: eavesdrop.

I still haven’t figured out the science behind this, but when you remove that safety net in life, when it becomes sink or swim, fly or die, the person usually learns to fly.

And the set went quite well.

I insisted she stayed with me until “the next time the light goes green”, and she did. I got her number and the feeling was a mixture of slight satisfaction but more so PURE relief.

Satisfied from the obvious validation, but relief from not blowing out in a manner which would make Blanko lose all hope.

With the first and hardest approach out of the way, I was in a free-flowing state, approaching anyone and everyone thereafter.

But now it’s Blanko’s turn.

And he looked like he was about to walk into a colosseum for a do-or-die gladiatorial fight.

Note: Every single student I have had since then has the same look before their first approach. Nothing to be ashamed of, you are growing.

In my humble experience, there are 3 effective ways to get someone to approach:

  • A) Encouragement in the form of showing them success, and being unaffected by the blowouts;

  • B) Calling them out for being soft;

  • C) The money game (take a set amount, eg. $100 from your wing. If they don’t approach, the money is yours).

Luckily Blanko only needed A to take action.

But for the first 2 sets, it was just off.

He approached too aggressively, spoke too incoherently, fondled her too vigorously. Ok I made the last one up but you get the idea.

But it is to be expected when you do something so terrifying for the first time, and it is very easy to give up here due to the soft snow-flake nature of society today.

But Blanko was made of sterner stuff. He had the (only) ingredient required for success in this field.


And with a bit of encouragement and bit of belief from his wing (yours truly), he kept charging into the frontlines of battle IN SPITE of the fear.

Sets 3 and 4 were not insta-makeouts, but they were VASTLY better than the initial two. He ran in more confidently, gave them just enough space to feel comfortable, he SMILED. He was enjoying the freedom of self-expression, as a man to a woman.

He was enjoying being a man.

And by the 5th set, he found his next date.

number closing

It’s really just that simple

As I stood there, my chest ballooned with pride, I simply couldn’t wipe the grin off my face as I watched Blanko take the girl’s number.

It made his day.

It made my day.

It made her day.

Many people like Blanko get surprised how “easy” it is once they overcome the initial ground breaking reality - that you are allowed to talk to any girl you want, anywhere, anytime.

For those people, they generally find a girlfriend they like within 1-3 months of being in the game.

For others, like Bevin (story for next time), it takes time to wash away the mud accumulated over many years.

But the harder the journey, the greater the reward, and as mentioned in this blog, you only need one ingredient to succeed in this field.


When you want to give up, take that 1 extra step. It will make all the difference in the end.

Good luck!

PS. Shoutout to Jimmy the Jett (my first ever non-paying student and now komrade-in-arm), who recently reached a HUGE milestone. It is a success story which will be shared in the near future.

Until then, spread your love, and your seeds.