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2 Lays in 1 day keeps the doctor away (HK Sex Tour - Bonus Chapter)

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The final chapter of this family friendly fairytale involves the antagonist (Hugzy) going (bare)back to back and getting laid twice in one day.

After receiving the most mesmorising blowjob of my life, and (some may say) prematurely filling her up with a mouthful of coom , I recited the standard premature ejaculation line:

“Oh baby that’s never happened to me before… you’re just TOO amazing...”

We went to sleep at 5:39 on da dot…

She must’ve been well satisfied and pleased to spend the night with a man who efficiently manages his time.

But when I woke up later that morning… Jen had disappeared…

“Omg.. I’ve been used…” - I muttered with a fist pump.

And fell straight back to sleep.

The 2 wild nights in a row was taking its toll.

Being used

Being used: a common issue amongst men

But when I woke up again, I noticed a coat near my bed. She had left behind her black fur coat.

I texted her and got an immediate reply... from the girl I met on the FIRST night...

“I am free on Monday ;)” - always a giddy warm feeling when you receive that message which pretty much guarantees a lay.

But I still missed Jen… the girl with the black coat.

jay chou music

*hums melancholy Jay Chou music

As I was setting up the date with the first girl (Jin), in Lei’s Garden no less (amazing dim sims btw), Jen finally replied.

“Who’s this?”

You can’t script this.

Now my immediate reaction was “Uhhh the guy you blew last night?”, but went with the more safe: “We shared a cab home, you wanted a drink”.

After some back-and-forth toing and froing, she still couldn’t remember what happened last night, and told me to simply “throw the coat away”.

Now the easier option here is just to give up, but I had nothing to lose so I simply persisted in a non-needy way. And when you play with nothing to lose, the result is often a win.

“I am only free on Monday - voila...she finally relented.

But the message caused me a mixture of excitement and dread.

I just wanted the simple a-lay-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-away lifestyle… but lord above just shows no mercy.

I immediately texted Jin (the first girl) to ask if it was “okay to meet up earlier for our date”.

I hate the wait for a crucial text.

Rocking back and forth in an armchair, occasionally in a foetal position… and finally when the phone buzzes you IMMEDIATELY check the preview to see who it was… and turns out it’s Domino’s telling you about their new pizza range.

After a seemingly eternal wait, Jin finally replied with a “Sure, see you at the station” - love a girl who just does the right thing.

Immediately, I texted Jen: “See you at 6pm at where we first met.”

Managing multiple relationships is a chore.

Note for beginners:

When you set up the first date, don’t be too non-challant or make them do too much of the work (eg. “Oi”).

Nor should you be too detailed when working out the logistics (eg. “Ok cool, lets meet on January 14th at 5pm. I will be wearing a blue shirt waiting for you outside Peter’s Hamburgers”).

Finding the right balance is always key. Oh and meeting where you guys first met is both romantic and convenient.

Ps. Jimmy the Jett actually developed a text game formula that’s short, succinct and most importantly, highly successful. Will share it in a blog in the not-so-distant future (or email us if you want the text game template).

Now although I was absolutely ecstatic to setup 2 dates in 1 day (first time I had that experience), back then my game was nowhere NEAR solid enough to guarantee a fclose on the first date. In fact it took me an average of 2-3 dates to seal the deal. So it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

I also checked my wallet for condoms … there was 1 left.

1 bullet left

1 bullet left

Monday came and I met Jin at the Metro station.

Jin was 7 years older and wanted to take me to The Peak.

She was one of those nurturing girls who wanted her guest to have the best memory possible. This involved sightseeing at a major tourist attraction, enjoying a nice meal overseeing the mountains, and feeding me her boob when I got hungry .

The date was a blast.

It was my first overseas Day 2 and for a shy guy who couldn’t close a BARN door only a year prior, it was a most liberating experience.

It shows what incredible rewards can come from taking a little risk.

Now I don’t know what hit me during that date (a mixture of abundance mentality and holiday buzz is my guess), but I was escalating like a man way above my usual game.

I held her hand casually, unaffected when she rejected my advances, pecked her on the lips mischievously. Fun, fun, fun was the underlying tone.

When I asked her back to my hotel, she told me “Im not like that”... I nodded in agreement.

As you can see, even a yes-girl like her will put up token resistance. However, she wouldn’t take an overseas stranger, who was only there for 1 week, out for a date without having the thought of tasting his (salty) cum in her dirty mind.

And next thing I know, she was riding me with fervour.

She had THE hairiest twat I’ve ever seen (I really like hairy twats ), and everytime Hugzy disappeared into the dark jungle, I breathed deeply with excitement and fear.

We cummed together in the doggie position. It wasn’t the last time I was in that position that day.

As much as I wanted to spend more time cuddling and crying , my work wasn’t done that day.

I had goals to achieve. Mountains to climb. Destiny to fulfill.


*takes a quick look into the sun setting over the horizon before continuing my lonely path to illumination

After a quick dinner and debriefing with the boys (love a good debrief), I was genuinely nervous for the 2nd date.

Probably because she was hot... but also because I didn’t know how much she remembers from our first night. I was scared to lose her approval.

When I got to our meeting point (a bar at LKF), my heart skipped a beat. She was hotter than I remembered.

To show how plastered she was, she completely forgot who I was. She thought I was from Korea with my sister (I came from Down Under with my bruvas).

Although she did not remember anything, and it was quite the experience to re-introduce yourself to someone who had already tasted your cum, she was grateful I gave her back her coat.

And almost surprisingly (because hot girls have a stigma for being cold), she was the nicest girl you will meet.

We laughed, we joked, we shared each other’s stories. It’s always refreshing to hear from a pretty girl when they open up, you realise they’re just a regular person.

Again, because I came from such a low level in terms of being attractive to girls, I had to really pinch myself and soak up the moment. It was the second time I felt that way that day.

It was an experience which made all the painful steps along the journey worth it.

cavs 2014 championship

When it’s all worth it...

Although we were getting along great, it wasn’t the easiest fclose.

She was a wanted to do bar hopping (not my forte) and go skinny dipping (again, not my forte). It was just her testing and screening to make sure I was real.

It took an hour and half of holding my frame before she finally agreed to come back home with me.

This time, there were no calls or cocaine to disturb us.

She was surprisingly shy when she was not drunk. But her oral techniques were still world class. Even though I cummed only a few hours earlier, I almost climaxed AGAIN straight away. But I was determined to get to sex this time.

And luckily, I did.

As I put on the condom, the last bullet (pronounced “bullei”), I slid myself inside her from behind. Soft, rhymatic moans resounded in the small studio room.

She had a massive dragon tattoo on the left side of her body, the texture of the skin where the tattoo was felt different to the skin that was natural. It was to make sure she never forgets an “extremely painful experience” - she later confided.

It was quite sexy to fuck a girl with a gangster tattoo and massive tits, I grabbed a handful as I pounded her from behind. They were extremely soft. I tried to grab both but couldn’t reach with my short arms

“You ...last ….last… so long” - she suddenly inquisited between her moans.

Trying to avoid the question, I gave her a few extra hard pumps before collapsing onto the bed next to her.

“When was the last time you had sex?” - she continued her fine detective work.

Knowing I couldn’t avoid it any longer, I replied sheepishly: “This afternoon”

The mood on her face changed from one of pleasure to a look of disgust. She wanted to speak but no words came out of her disappointed mouth.

I had NO idea how to deal with this awkward situation.

Without any emotions, she rolled away to face the other side of the bed.

Now reading the Game and other resources, the best way to deal with these situations is to “just ignore her and check your email”. Somehow I felt that wouldn’t quite work in this case .

Finally, I decided to just man up and tell her as it is: “I should’ve told you, but I really liked you. Sorry.”

As I was turning away (very useful move), she turned back… and proceeded to kiss me aggressively and passionately.

She ripped off the condom and we cummed together in the doggie position.

I am glad I never got that call in 9 months time.


We fell asleep again in each other’s arms and that marked the end of my first sex tour.

2 days later, the boys and I flew off for a tour in China… and my luck continued. But that’s a story for another day.