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3 Ways to make her (Valentines) Day

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The sound of rain clattered against the tin foiled roof.

The time was 2:09pm, 14 February 2015.

It was Valentines Day.

I was lying in bed with my girlfriend in a remote cabin. She had been crying all day.

Today was going to be our last day together.

“Can we do it 1 more time?” - It was the 3rd time she submitted a request for Hugzy that day. There is just something magical about breakup (and makeup) sex.

Jess and I had been together for 1 year. And it was one of the best years of my life.

There are many things you can learn from approaching hundreds and thousands of girls on the streets/in the clubs... courage, persistence, freedom to express…

But there are certain things you can only learn from a relationship with a girl who loves you for you.

And she taught me many of those things.

She was an alpha female who was confident in social situations, but nurturing behind closed doors. On a superficial level, she was a fashionista who knew exactly where to touch, the noises to make, the rhythm to suck, to make sure you have a mind blowing orgasm every single time.

And for whatever the reason, she loved me unconditionally.

During that year, she taught me:

  • How to behave like a man (game can only teach you so much);

  • How to make a girl feel like woman (game barely teaches you at all);

  • How to make her cum in 2 different places (I am still working on the 3rd place )

None of the above are absolute, they are and always will be, works in progress.

Note to beginners:

No one likes a bragger but I have to tell the truth here.

The result of being good in bed, is like acquiring that Level 80 Magic Sword (Sword of a Thousand Truths) in your MMORPG. You need not worry about it at the start but it is important once you start getting consistent lays.

It is the difference between getting that look of CONTEMPT and disdain, or the experience of her grabbing a fistful of the bedsheets, screaming out that “you’re the best she has ever had”, “you make me SO horny when you do that”, or my personal favourite, “you are SO much better than my boyfriend”

Naughty and unethical? Yes

Make you feel like on top-of-the-world? Yes

Bad in bed

Amazing in bed

Premature ejaculation is only fun for so long… learn how to be amazing in bed

But despite our year in the sun, ultimately Jess and I wanted different things.

She wanted to enjoy a simple life with a life partner, I wanted to:

  • get as many lays under my belt as possible;

  • gain the spiritual freedom that comes from following your heart; and

  • Inspire those with similar starting blocks to me (ie. very low) that anyone can find the girl of their dreams.

So after our 5th round on that fateful day, where we simultaneously climaxed (again), we decided it was time to say goodbye… and bid each other a teary farewell.

So in memory of Jess, here are 3 practical tips for a good Valentines Day:

Lest we forget.

It’s all about her, not you

You need to ask yourself a very simple question: what would make HER happy.

Is there a place she always want to go? (“I always wanted to go for a picnic at that park”)

Is there a restaurant she always wanted to try? (“We need to go try that Italian restaurant one day”)

Is there an experience she always wanted to have? (“I would love to try a threesome one day”)

You don’t have to hire a castle with clowns juggling on unicycles, but just something which showed you put some thought into the process and/or remembered something she said is more than suffice.

See Sample Ideas at the end of the post.

what are you doing on valentines day

When it’s about you, not her. Funny though

Make, not buy, a gift

A gift hand-made will always be more heartfelt than a last minute present bought from the convenience store. Most of us know this, but it is not so easy to implement.

If you are a chef, try baking her a cake.

If you are a musician, write her a short song.

If you are an IT wiz, build her a small app.

The options are endless.

Avoid the crowd

Usually the fancy restaurants and popular places are completely booked for this day, and there is nothing worse than waiting for your food for an hour and/or not being served properly (almost no amount of game will save you from this deflating experience).

Doing something in private away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd will ensure you a great night and a fulfilling creampie.

Sample Ideas:

  • Organise a relaxing spa package and a romantic night in a classy/unique hotel;

  • An one night getaway at a cosy camping/Glamping location;

  • Enjoy an outdoor movie-in-bed

  • A drive along the ocean/lake/stream with a nice picnic along the way (eg. Great Ocean Drive in Victoria, Sea Cliff Bridge in New South Wales. Find the equivalent in your city);

  • Lunch/dinner at the place where you first started dating (with an optional small present to really collect the brownie points);

  • Theme Park/Amusement Park if you both have a bit of kid inside you and haven’t been for a while;

PS. These ideas are not exclusive for Valentines Day.

But if none of the above suits your personality (there is a difference between being lazy and genuinely not romantic), a simple rose and a box of chocolates will do.

Enjoy your well earned lay