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Singles Jingle: 3 Ways to Find a Girlfriend (or 3) this Christmas

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The Christmas lights grew brighter as the sky drew darker. It had been a month since my first approach on the streets.

We were at Pitt Street Mall, the home of daygaming in Sydney.

Jim and I had been scouring around since the late afternoon, practicing our new openers (“Can I get your female opinion on a pressing matter”), and sharpening our new routines.

The results were as volatile as bitcoin prices, but we were absorbed in our own adventure. Although the insta-blowouts and harsh rejections hurt our already fragile self-esteem, the good-to-excellent reactions we would get every 4 or 5 sets were simply ecstacy.

It gave us hope.

And to two guys who had NO other ways of finding a girlfriend, the harsh jungle of girls telling you AS IT IS, is still better than the hopelessness that the alternative brings (work, school, social circle SUCKS for finding a girl you REALLY like - we all know it).

tinder no matches

The other alternative

As day became night, Pitt St Mall becomes quite romantic during the festive season.

I saw an cutish Asian girl in office lady attire (think Jap porn), and approached her at a textbook 45 degree angle.

“Hey, can I…”

Before I could even blurt out the rest of the opener, a radiant smile already beamed across her face.

This is probably one of THE best reactions you can get on the streets, as she has already chosen you… and barring any major obstacles or fuck ups, should lead to a lay.

But fuck ups are common when you are a beginner.

love at first sight

She smiled.. I felt like I knew her

The set flowed seamlessly and effortlessly as any set I can remember. I teased, she flirted... I laughed, she giggled. I even ventured away from the rigid routine that took hours to memorise.

And when it came time to take the phone out and ask for the number, she uttered a sentence I had never heard from a female before:

“You should just come over now.”

jizz in my pants

(jizz in my pants and I jizz in my pants...jizz in my pants and I jizz in my pants)

Now if this was a movie, the gif above might have actually happened.

But there was no happy ending to this story

Upon hearing those magical words, apart from the obvious validation overflow, I was actually overwhelmed by 2 other emotions: fear and regret.

The fear was caused from my lack of sexual experience and more deeply: the fear from social anxiety. The thought of going into an unfamiliar environment and risk blowing my semi-cool impression caused my mind and ego to slam down the brakes.

Regret was caused by the fact that I still haven’t read Chapters 7,8 and 9 of the Mystery Method… the part that covered Seduction

So in the end, I decided to “play it safe” and took her number, which I learnt later on is the quickest route to failure. From open to close, don’t play safe.

scientifically get girls

An article I should’ve read before that approach

'Tis the season to be jolly

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Don we now our gay apparel

Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.

*continues humming despite being unsure of the lyrics

Guten tag everyone! Wishing everyone a merry XXXmas from Sydney.

I can’t believe it’s already Christmas, a time for giving, which is what we here at Anytime love to do.


As our gift to you, we will go through 3 simple ways to find someone special this Christmas. And a bonus tip for those who’s had a few notches on that old wrinkled belt ; )

justin timberlake dancing

When giving is better than receiving

Without further ado…

3 Simple Ways To Find a Girlfriend (this Christmas)

1. Start Small

Start by changing one small thing that’s relatively quick and easy to obtain.

Buy a new shirt, adopt a trendy hairstyle, get rid of those thick glasses that make you look like Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

kareem sky hook

Love the skyhook

Getting something you want will automatically trigger a dose of dopamine in your brain (in Leiman terms: a happy response). And when you are feeling happy, you will naturally spread that aura to those around you, which is actually the simplest way to getting laid: by being happy (not easy in today’s world).

It doesn’t matter how trivial the change may seem, it’s the improvement process that creates masculine energy (ie. you are a man going somewhere), which is the foundation of attraction.

Masculine energy attracting feminine energy.

The Yin needs the Yang.

2. Boost your self esteem

Now that you’ve done something to improve the external, it’s time to focus on what’s more important, the internal.

Do one thing that makes you feel good and increases your self-esteem, as opposed to boosting your ego. There is a difference.

Exercising, learning something new, doing a few minutes of meditation in a park. All of which will help you boost your esteem and state BEFORE even saying “Hi” to a girl.

Even a good simple habit such as sleeping early (resist binge Netflix and Chill) and waking up on time will make a difference to your mood. And that state/mood is crucial to initially opening and hooking the girl (people can feel your vibe within the first 7 seconds).

For those who get instantly and consistently blown out by girls, it is very likely because you skipped this step of making YOURSELF happy first (you want them to make you happy).

You must feel good about yourself, before you can give the gift to others and make them feel good about you.

3. Taking action

“You will learn more in one day of action in the field, than a lifetime of studying theories in your bedroom”

Knowing the ingredients is important, but cooking the meal is your goal from learning the recipe.

Again, the theme here is start small.

If you are a super shy and socially awkward person like I was, there is no shame in that. But you have to start somewhere.

Get out of the house, go play a team sport, join a social club.

It doesn’t have to be cold approaching girls on the street if that’s too hardcore. Just something that will get you outside of your comfort zone, step by step.

But if you want to begin your pickup adventure on the streets, try downloading our 30-day beginner’s guide if you are not sure how/where to start. It is designed for computer gamers and geeks like myself ; )

Bonus xxxmas tip for the more experienced playas

Stop Playing Safe

No I’m not talking about wearing protection

Stop settling for the number when you know theres chance for an insta-lay, stop settling for a hand hold when you can feel she is ready for more. Stop doing what you already know and getting the same undesired result over and over.

Pick one area you are weak at and make that your focus.

If you have had anywhere between 4 to 7 girlfriends/lays, chances are you have a decent idea as to what you are lacking to goto the next level.

Maybe it’s your topic of conversation, maybe it’s text game, maybe it’s consistency in application.

Implement deliberate practice on that area, over and over, until it turns from an area of weakness to an area of strength.

It is NOT easy to diligently practice a skillset you are not gifted at. You will naturally be tempted to take the easy way out and “play it safe”.

But as an intermediate, you should know the journey to mastery is not meant to be easy (otherwise everyone would achieve mastery).

Once you decide to focus on an area of weakness, there is plenty of material on the interweb to guide you through.

Alternatively, feel free to shoot us an email or leave us a message below.

We would love to discuss with you and provide a more tailored response.

PS. For those curious as to what happened to Becky (the cute Asian); she was so into the boy who had guts to approach her on the street that she called ME after she came back from a holiday 1 month later (a rare occurrence).

But being the miscalibrated shy guy I am, I settled for a kiss on the CHEEK on the first date (she was ready for much more), and she stopped texting after the second date when she STILL didn’t get the D - what I deserved for “playing it safe”.

“If you don’t close the deal on the first date you are a loser, if you don’t close the deal on the second date you are a homo” - Ryan, 40 Days 40 Nights

There is some truth in that