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The Path for a Socially Calibrated Player

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Last week we were introduced to Zaj, a cool guy looking to do cold approaches on the streets for the first time.

So what does the journey of a well-rounded, calibrated man look like?

Our second session was just between Zaj and myself (Jimmy was recovering from post-coital blues )

Zaj had been doing solo gaming himself (commend him for that, takes A LOT of everything - courage, fire-in-the-belly, discipline), but has not been getting any solid results.

He was struggling from the usual stuff: being held back by AA, not converting the hooks into a fun date, and above all, no one to assess him from a third person view and give him objective feedback (probably one of THE easiest ways to blast out of a plateau - get someone to honestly evaluate your game. Your wing will be able to see your deficiency within a few seconds, whereas you will blindly stumble around for years without knowing)

He needed a lighthouse in the sea of darkness.

The session started as it always does: exciting, nervous, tentative… like a learner driver slightly out of control.

We approached, we got blown out...

We don’t care.

The more you get blown out, the more you will get blown

dangers ahead

The dangers that lies ahead...

But as we matched each other’s blow outs (if he blows out, I will match it with one equally as bad), we started creating a fun, self amusing energy and an aura of indifference.

This fun, self amusing, care-free energy is the core to my personal success.

It is a juxtaposition, but the less you care about obtaining the girl’s validation, the more likely you are to get it (they just LOVE a guy who likes them, but doesn’t give a FUCK about them at the same time - strange creatures).

And as always, with this mass approach, fun generating method, before you know it, you have reached the indifference threshold. This is a really fun stage where everything starts to hook.

Note: as you get better, you will reach this stage quicker and quicker - to the point where your first or second approach will hook ← worth the hard work.

As Zaj reached that stage, you could see the difference in his demeanour: his chest started to puff out, his voice became booming, his posture screamed alpha, he became naturally playful and touching.

And just like Blanko and Jimmy...

zaj number closing

Too easy… Like buying fruit from the supermarket

They were very solid number closes but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Because we all know that any number can easily flake, and there are so many things you can do to convert a shaky flakey number into a mind blowing, core-satisfying, simultaneous-orgasming lay... these are the things that Zaj must learn on this long and hard journey.

But for Zaj was visibly pumped after the session, and it is one of the rare joys in life - to see someone actually feeling alive.

But unfortunately, the path to true wisdom does not come without adversity (just ask Giannis). And despite the early success, Zaj was about to experience hell.