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Jimmy's Journey: The Hardest Case Newbie Part 3

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I started this journey looking for a girlfriend. Any girl really. Didn’t matter if she was asian, didn’t matter if she was white, didn’t matter if she wasn’t that attractive, etc, etc. I would have been satisfied with a 4/10 ug.

But. Life doesn’t work that way - not for me anyway.

It went more like this - every single girl I talked to somehow ended up being completely and utterly repulsed by me. And you might think that’s ok, not everyone likes everyone in this world. And that’s a fair point. But some of them did. Some would even escalate & lead the conversation for me, they would even go out on a date with me.. But.. some way, some how, I always.. fucked it up.

My dates would always end in a certain set of unavoidable ways;

  • Nothing would happen; I waited for her to be ‘attracted’ to me enough so I can make the move, but it never happened. I would go home alone, in anger, blaming, the girl for not feeling attracted :D

  • I would make a move; when the date is going ok, I would say something like ‘Hey, come back to my place’... only to be dealt with a huge, self-esteem crushing NO

  • Eventually, I would get so nervous that I made the girl uncomfortable… It’s funny; those of you that struggled to understand the concept ‘juxtaposition’ (from high school english) should just read my text messages before and after the date.


I was. So. Utterly. Hopeless.

Don’t strive for your dreams.

The end.

Is what would have happened if I gave up then. But. I didn’t. Something about me HATES accepting failure, even when it seems obvious that success is impossible.

I worked hard. Grinded everyday, rain, sun, cold, hot. And eventually got laid. Repeatedly.

Consistency is what I am aiming for next; And I will get there...