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Jimmy's Journey: The Hard(est)case Newbie

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The sound of silence filled the room.

I was sitting on my rocking chair, swinging aimlessly back and form. I was eagerly waiting for a message.

Usually when I am this needy, it’s likely because I just met a girl I had amazing connection with (ie “I’m in love”), or she was just really hot (again..“I’m in love”).

But this time it was different. This time I was waiting for a message from my first ever student, Jimmy the Jett.

After 4 years and enduring more obstacles than a regular person would encounter in his lifetime, Jimmy was on a date with a yes-girl.

Now for a regular AFC, this was 100% a lay. But for Jimmy, there was no such thing as a free frag. He is a cub who had lived in a zoo for 19 years… and is now discovering the jungle is a unforgiving place.

There is no save and load function in this game.

We have been in this situation over a dozen times before, him going on a date with a girl that needs a (croissant-shaped) D, whilst I eagerly awaited for the good news. And each time, the story unfolded towards an increasingly rage inducing and bitterly disappointing ending. I will let Jimmy tell those stories himself one day.

But each time, we were still hopeful that this could be the one. I never gave up on Jimmy, and Jimmy never gave up.

*Buzz buzz* You have a new message: Jimmy the Jett

“It is done”

Done what?? I thought.

Done the deed? Done giving her a peck on the cheek? Done the tax returns?

But when Jimmy confirmed that he had his P inside a V, I leaped up and let out a loud ROAR (and HUGE sigh of relief).

My work is complete, Jimmy had finally lost his virginity.

losing your virginity

A magical moment worth celebrating

I first met Jimmy in 2015. I was a keen intermediate looking to learn more about pickup through teaching, whilst for Jimmy, he had JUST begun his journey on the art of seduction.

But when I saw him, I knew he was fucked. (Pardon the honesty).

Baggy shirt which reminded me of Allen Iverson in his prime, mountain climbing shoes fit for a trip to the Everest, but above all, a demeanor which screamed: I don’t have an ounce of confidence or self esteem.

And lo-and-behold, our first session was a disaster.

Note for beginners: the first 2 points about clothes and shoes will matter less and less when you start to believe in yourself (we made a video picking up girls wearing those exact clothing items). Focus on working on the inside (self-esteem) rather than blame it on the outside (looks, height, wealth, race, style of your haircut, colour of your pants etc).

homeless hugzy

So how did this young lion go from such a low starting point to going on dates with Scandanavian/Italian/German/French/Eastern European hotties?

We shall continue Jimmy’s Journey another day.