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The Final Hurdle: A 14 Month Plateau

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We slumped into our respective chairs… exhausted.

It was our half-time ritual.

After a solid 90 minutes of walking the silk road that is Central to Market City (full of treasures - of ALL kinds), we would take a well earned break at the pub next to the station (just found out it's call Royal Exhibition Hotel ).

We would replenish our fluids, debrief about the session that had just been, and input the names of the girls we number closed (when you get 4 solid numbers in a sesh, it is advisable to write a note and put in their correct names - unless you wanna get a message back saying “uhhhh… this is Fiona, who is Tracy”)


Slumped into our chairs

Usually we are in a jovial mood. We just exercised our masculinity in a way few men are lucky enough to experience, and it makes us feel alive regardless of the results (usually).

But this session was different. As I looked up across the table, I saw a boy on the edge of defeat.

A wrinkled T-shirt that looked liked a scrunched piece of paper picked out of a bin, a pair of pants that shrank just enough to start showing the socks, and a boy hunched over devoid of any confidence or hope.

It was the exact same aura I had whilst waiting for the school bus back in high school. Just wanting everyday to end before it began.

This was before Jimmy's recent successes, and it was a reminder of the lowly places we both came from.

It wasn't so much so that Jimmy was doing badly on the streets, he was actually collecting numbers like stamps. But he was completely and utterly stuck at escalating on Day2s…. for a GOOD 14 months.

At first Jimmy always hoped the girls would escalate on him. After realising that's cowardly running away from his problems, Jimmy attempted to escalate, and found deeper problems.

His body just wouldn't listen to him. From excitement, from nerves, from un-entitlement.

It is a culmination of 20 years of hiding behind a computer screen on top of an unhealthy childhood. And the trend for the next generation is just getting worse with the availability of new (anti)social networks.

Despite my 110% believe in Jimmy from the moment I saw him do his first approach (the complete lack of self-perseverance (“you say, I do”) was something I never witnessed through 10 years of approaching) - actually I have witnessed it, and all those who had similar balls before him became pickup gurus.

But in that moment, after a solid 14 months of being stuck at the same plateau, a seed of doubt did creep into my mind. “Maybe there are ceilings to human capacity” - it was something I NEVER believed.

The only thing that limits you is: you.

Every person, no MATTER how dire the circumstances are, has a way out - exactly how differs from person to person. But the common denominators are heart, persistence, and courage. And Jimmy has those in abundance.

But in his case, those intangibles alone simply wasn't going to cut it - otherwise he wouldn't have taken over a year to get a lay from 50+ dates.

“Am I fucked” - Jimmy broke the silence, without breaking his stare with the ground.

“Completely” - was the immediate (and honest) answer that floated around in my head.

But now wasn't the time to snuff out that flicker of a dying flame.


Aww yee aww yee awww, yee yeah awww, aww yee yaa, yee eh aww *continues to hum the survivor tune

“Lets try something” - I blurted with forced enthusiasm.

But we were at the end of the line.

We tried being more witty, we tried being more self expressive, we tried formulating the escalation process into a 7-steps template: from brief touching, to hand holding, to aggressive kino..

We had tried almost everything.

“Almost” being the key word.

“I know someone who might be able to trigger something in you” a lightbulb moment lit up in my head.

“Let’s go visit a samurai… a frugal samurai”