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Sunny Day in May

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I strapped on the Anytime singlet and adjusted my Sesame Street underwear. It was a fine day Saturday afternoon in Sydney. PERFECT for meeting your next soul mate on streets.

For those who don’t know, when the mercury rises above 20 past the therm-o-meter, girls in Sydney take it as an invitation to fulfill their fantasies by dressing up like hookers.

Some of the things girls wear on a sunny day in Sydney is simply criminal… but no one is complaining.

It is one of the gifts of life.

Jimmy and I had been accustomed to this over the years, on a Saturday afternoon it’s like going to the supermarket for some veges and milk, going to the barber shop for a quick haircut, going to the butchers for a fine piece of meat


I Googled for a picture that depicted a typical hot Saturday afternoon in Sydney and found THIS… how APT


But this day had a different aura in the air.

Jimmy was back physically but also mentally. Although he never stopped approaching, one could tell he was jaded from going on 50 dates without a lay, as any human being would.

But since he rediscovered that bite between the teeth, he had been diligently working on his game, and it was paying off. He was getting positive reactions again, and not just from approaching with false bravado.

He was being less reactive, more carefree, and began to lead.

For those not familiar with our style, we take the mass-approach approach, where we would open as many girls as we can, in the shortest space of time, until we hit state (as you get better and better it takes less and less effort to hit that threshold).

And on this day it was no different. Jimmy and I took turns in approaching, which gave each other energy - the fundamentals of having a good wingman.

Note: If one approaches and the other doesn’t, one party’s energy will get higher and higher, whilst the other will feel less and less masculine. If you both don’t approach… then you need to find another wing.

On top of approaching, the key to building that positive energy is to not judge (yourself or your wingman) when you inevitably blow out. I see many wingmen judge each other profusely throughout their time together, it only builds negative energy and causes approach anxiety. Jimmy and I are not in that category.

As we approached, there were a couple of lukewarm responses, a couple of hideous blowouts. But as usual, we laughed, we shrugged, and we embraced the natural embarrassment that came with being rejected by another human being.

The difference I see in what we do and people who just started off, is that we quickly approach the next set available (which is not easy to do when you are a beginner, because we as men like to logically dwell on what had just happened - especially when it’s something as crazy as being rejected by a girl you approached on the street - or even crazier, being ACCEPTED by that girl on the street).

Either way, the longer you wait, the more logic and fear you will instill in yourself.

Anyway, as we were doing going about our usual business, I spotted a scantily clad Asian skank who looked just innocent enough to accept Jimmy’s proposal to put his penise inside of her orifice(s).

As Jimmy gave me the nod, I quickly tried to run into position to capture the approach for all interested parties. It needs to be close enough to give the audience a good view, but not too close that it blows our cover.

It’s hard being Jason Bourne.

Side note: I never knew being a cameraman was so difficult… gave me new appreciation when watching movies and porn


From Russia with Rubber Glove

As i sneaked myself inbetween some nook/cranny doorway, I could hear the conversation crystal clear.

It was on.

And as I prodded out my mobile, I expected a “w t f is THAT phone” from the girl, but she was too engrossed by Jimmy’s presence to notice a camera sticking out from behind a nearby egress.


The exact location (that little doorway) where I was filming from… how I DIDN’T get discovered is anyone’s guess

She was giggling at everything he said, and he was enjoying the interaction too.

As he took the number with the just right amount of casualness and intent, I noted it down as a solid lead.

That solid lead would eventually lead to this


If you have been following the recent blogs on Jimmy, you would agree it is no less than what he deserves.

The journey to become a socially calibrated man is definitely not something that comes naturally to him, and he has taken a flurry of punches along the way.

BUT, he has the two lone attributes required to succeed on this path: determination and perseverance.

And if he can do this… literally anyone else can.



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