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One Year Anniversary - and a story about Last Minute Resistance (LMR)

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My Toyota Camry sped silently through the M5 tunnel. She was checking in the mirror to see if she still looked delicious. I was focused on the road, busting 32 knots an hour. Solid enough pace to get to my place within 15 minutes, but not enough to get a speeding fine.

We just had an amazing first date.

unchained melody

She was the 5th girl that’s been on this car ride since I learnt the secrets of LMR (girls love it) and how to be more sexually aggressive (again, girls love it).

They were important mental blocks to overcome as an intermediate.

I had done the same routine for all 5 girls, from open to fclose:

1. Hook on the streets - be a little bit different (eg. break rapport, self deprecating, fun and sexual tone);

2. Enjoy a great date - see previous blog on First Date;

3. Extracted to a place of seduction - by speeding through the M5;

4. Deal with the LMR;

5. Enjoyed the fruits of my LABOUR.

Easy as making a ham sandwich (no lettuce, no tomatoes)...

ham sandwich

When we got home, she took off her jacket and revealed her sexy low-cut black dress. I had already been rock hard for the last hour… I was pretty sure Hugzy was close to a fracture.

Theory: the most natural test of how entitled you feel about a girl is whether you can get hard/aroused. When you are putting up a front for a girl, who in your mind is out of your league, you will be nervous and find it difficult to maintain an erection. When you are constantly rock hard around her, it is a good sign (assuming you are not a sex fiend).

My place had the same setup as all my previous dates: romantic dim lighting, lite (melancholy) music in the background, and some sort of fragranced candle/emitter that makes both of you well thorny.

But there was a big difference in my mindset: I was expecting, as opposed to dreading, the last minute resistance.

We continued the fun vibe from the date: we played games, opened up about serious topics, and occasionally kissed.

But right on cue, when I tried to run my hand over her curvy behinds, she stopped me with a moan.

“No.. no I’m not like that… not yet”

no one likes a cockblock

Will read this to my kid one day

Now there are many possible ways to react here, but they can be generally divided into 3 categories:

A. You are unaffected, but take her words too literally and give up;

B. You are unaffected, but read the subtext of the situation (that she still wants it) and persist with good vibe;

C. You are affected, and start trying to logically seduce her by asking many questions to soothe your insecurities. “Do you want to go on another date tomorrow? Do you always do this to guys? Do you still like me?” - never works.

Knowing she was just enjoying the process, I knew all I had to do was go down the path of option B. #TrustTheProcess

She is simply having a logical/emotional conflict - logically she doesn’t wanna give it up too easily and be seen as a slut. Emotionally she is wet as an old rag that’s been left in a tub full of water.

She needs masculine direction to help her solve her conundrum.

Persist with your fun vibe, but give her space when necessary, and it’s only a matter of time til you reap the benefits. It’s similar to the tension in a fishing line: when the energy feels right, you must reel or she will swim away; when she needs space, you must release or the line will break.

Disclaimer: If she pushes you away with real force, and physically tries to leave… that’s a real “no”. DO NOT CONTINUE.

But as I became more and more certain that she wasn’t just there for a cup of tea, I did the one move that has a 100% success rate to date.

I took out my spit-bridge forming, precum-drenched shaft (ew), and guided her hand towards the prize (still have the stains on my pants… can’t wash it off ).

“No no… put it away~” she said… with lust in her eyes.

But here is something that might be surprising to newcomers: as she was telling me to put it away, she slowly wrapped her fingers around Hugzy and assertively put it into her mouth.

Sometimes what girls say, and what they do, are 2 completely different things.

Whilst I tilted my head back, grimacing in pleasure, she grew more and more confident with each passing second and the bobbing of her head. I moaned and yelped helplessly, as I enjoyed the feeling of her saliva being mixed my (salty) precum.

And soon, her mouth was overflowing with a different type of bodily fluid…

hugzy's hot asian girl

Enjoyed the fruits of my labour

It has been exactly one year since I went on that date, and coincidentally it has also been one year since our first blog!

To Lisa and Anytime Attraction, Happy Anniversary!!