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Let the Ego Die

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I was just casually doing some research for the business when I got a flurry of messages from Jimmy, the last of which read: “And it’s dark”

My first impression was that maybe he just approached an ug1 thinking she was an 8 from behind because it was dark...

Or he was on the verge of killing himself due to the painful dark period he was going through.

I opened up Whatsapp to see this:

[6:32 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: Just fclosed an 8

[6:32 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: Figured I tell you since this will probably be used in one of your blogs LOL

[6:34 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: Can't rly get a pic right now since she's sleeping LOL

[6:34 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: And it's dark

My exact response was: L O L

[6:38 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: Whew

[6:38 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: What A blast

[6:38 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: Met literally one hour ago

[6:38 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: Thanks for calling me out

[6:39 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: If you didn't do it I wouldn't have approached her

[6:39 pm, 08/09/2019] Jimmy the Jett: Was my last set of the day ????

W … o … w….

Now to understand the whole context of the situation, we need to rewind.

24 hours earlier, we had just finished our first daygame streets session in about 3 months. Since that time, Jimmy had gone on an absolute losing streak that would give the Lebron-less Cavs a run for their money.

Although he (finally) broke his duck earlier in the year, and had 3 fcloses in relatively quick succession (3 lays in 1 month), that fire that drives us as men had been completely snuffed out in him.

But he knows he can’t just live off 3 lays for the rest of his life, so he tried to get back into it.

I know the feeling, when your conscious and subconscious are conflicted, it is simply torture.

We as men all have different thresholds of contentment. Once that threshold is reached, it is nigh impossible to logically tell yourself otherwise.

Like when an Olympic athlete who finally gets that Gold medal after 12 years of trying.

Like when an artist finishes that masterpiece that incorporated his entire lifetime of learning.

Like when an anti social, just-want-to-feel-normal boy gets not 1, not 2, but 3 lays with 3 strangers within 3 weeks (the last of which a hot french chic).

Jimmy reached an appex in his life. He needed and deserved a break.

But life is not fair. For a socially miscalibrated kid like Jimmy, taking a break, ie. going back to his normal routine of being submissive and playing computer games simply means the next time he attempts to talk to girls it only sharpens the pain when he is brutally rejected.

He tried to break out of it, but in his own words:

“I am completely fucked”

The way he described the situation, it sounded like he either became a paraplegic... or couldn’t speak english anymore.

But turns out, all he needed was some guidance.

A set of fresh eyes to see his problems from a different view.

He thought he had “made it”, and all he had to do was keep approaching and the result would repeat itself. It’s called complacency.

I called him out.

Instead of learning how to become more of a man, he just hoped by blindly jacking up step-back 3s ala James Harden, he would eventually hit a trey.

What he really needed, was to harden the fuck up.

It was one of the most honest and brutal calling out sessions of our entire 3 years of knowing each other.

And what an honest calling out sesh does (assuming it comes from the right place with the right intentions), is that it kills the ego.


It is one of THE biggest barriers that holds us back from being the best version of ourselves.

Jimmy probably cried himself to bed that after night being called out… but 24 hours later… he was in the same bed… with a pair of titties in his mouth (turns out she is a primary school teacher with a boyfriend… that is SOOOOO HOT).

So if you are at a place where your ego has been shattered and you have “nothing to lose”...

You are in the best place to be.