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G’day all. Hope everyone has enjoyed a well earned break over Easter.

I certainly have with a cruisy week at work, relaxing time with loved ones, but far above all of those things, enjoying a life with absolutely zero anxiety.

No financial anxiety, no health issues, and probably most relevant to those reading this blog and looking to improve themselves - no social anxiety.

The journey to self-improvement never stops, but as a socially awkward kid (borderline retarded), I have been lucky enough to reach (near) the end of what I set out to do.

So hopefully, if I can help as many people as I can to get out of that social anxiety jail, and obtain the same peaceful bliss as I am experiencing, that would bring me much joy.

Let’s dive in.

muff diving

:O8 ← emoji for muff diving

What started as a tepid 2 part series of winging with Jim and Jimmy, has turned into a 5,000 word quadrilogy. I have saved the best for last however, with the results of Jimmy the Jett.

We all know by now Jimmy is a real special case, I will try and summarise his key strengths and sticking points below:


  • Determination and fearlessness (rather die than not succeed);

  • Humble personality and willingness to listen;

  • His overall Sex Market Value.

Sticking Points

  • Overly satisfied with small victories;

  • Lacking social experience;

  • Stubborn belief that inner game rules all.

Determination and Fearlessness

Without a doubt, Jimmy is one of the most determined people I have ever met. He is the type that will do 1,000 push ups until his elbow snap, his pecs tear, and then he will switch to doing another exercise because “that part still works”.

This determination also translates into the field, where he would try anything and everything to further himself.

Girls at crowded bus-stops, group sets in a public swimming pool, cashier girls behind checkout counters…

READING about approaching those sets will make most men nervous.

But Jimmy has balls.

What he is lacking is the nous on how to harness that energy into a more purposeful and powerful approach (right now his energy is of a headless bull, ramming into anything and everything without thought or purpose. Once he figures out how to become a concentrated hose, there will be a lot of showering of different bodily fluids (ew )

Willingness to Learn

A key component of being a good student is dropping your ego and be willing to learn. Unfortunately a high number of people in society these days are simply unwilling to listen, or they are actually just looking to reaffirm their own beliefs.

One of the most astonishing things I have learnt teaching pickup is that there are heaps of student who rather FAIL at pickup, as long as in their mind their beliefs are proven right - ie. to save their ego intact.

So for example, if a student has the RIGID belief that Asian guys cannot attract caucasian girls, and they see it done successfully, their ego would manifest all these false reasons to justify their beliefs (“he must have a big dick”), rather than learning how to do succeed themselves ← I find this crazy

Jimmy also has beliefs that SCREAMS rigidity. However, he has the ability to drop that ego, admit his existing beliefs MAY be wrong, and just go with things as he sees it (eg. when he sees someone approach a 2-set and bang the girl later on, he doesn’t make up excuses like “she must be a slut” or “he is probably rich so he could have confidence”, instead he asks “what is he doing different to me that is yielding such difference in results” ← the RIGHT question.

It sounds like a trivial matter but it is an incredible character trait.

Fun fact: Apparently an average human brain only knows approximately 2% of what is actually possible in the world. Basically the stat suggests: when we think we know it all… we know nothing yet.

Sex Market Value

As much as his subconscious tries to drag his self-esteem down (don’t ask me why, it is a deep topic), Jimmy is not a bad looking guy.

He is a relatively tall, good looking, muscular man, whose intelligence will make him a multi millionaire if he just stays on the average path, and doesn’t commit murder, rape or a serious white collar fraud (what a victim eh?).

It is what it is, Jimmy has very high sex market value and it will help him getting laid ← this does not mean if you a short ugly mutha fucker you have no chance (see Hugzy).

You just need to have a big heart, HARDEN THE FUCK UP, and your rewards will be greater than those whose journey was easier.

Will continue next week…

Next Episode: Jimmy’s Sticking Points