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Jimmy's Journey - The First Date

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The Jett and I were stationed near the foodcourt outside Town Hall Railway Station. At the same table, the same hour of the day, waiting for the same 5pm-after-work corporate-sluts rush.

We had been going out consistently for a good 3 month, with marked improvements. The key is simply doing the same things over and over.

Keeping the parts that work, getting rid of the parts that don't.

Sounds SO simple, but doing the simple things are often the hardest in life.

How many of us can sustain a new discipline for more than a week?

How many of us can consistently provide self-feedback to continually improve?

How many can do it on TOP of getting rejected from PILLAR to post?

Not many… is the honest answer.

But Jimmy is not just one of the bottle ("I tsink he is a special one" )

no longer special

No Longer Special

In those 3 months, Jimmy had gone from a sailor lost-at-sea with an almost 100% blowout rate, to someone who can get a solid number of hooks and number closes each session, albeit wildly inconsistent (which is to be expected).

Again what Jimmy was doing was very simple: Jimmy has average physical appearance (a typical working class Chinese guy), he was applying the basic fundamentals of pickup in his interactions (tonality, eye contact, positive energy etc), and he has the balls to walk up to a stranger and let go of his ego.

Again sounds simple, but it was far from easy.

It is a constant fight against the current for a naturally introverted person, who has been told he can only act in a certain way by his parents and society, to suddenly drop that suppressed exterior and let out the shining nimbus also known as your true self.

Nevertheless, Jimmy was doing exceedingly well for a hardcase beginner, and I felt it was only a matter of time before he cracks the code and open the floodgates.

The reason for my optimism was the fact that on top of all the hooks and numbers, Jimmy was getting PLENTY of dates. And they were HOT too. (up to Jimmy if he wants to release the footages - not everyone likes to showoff like yours truly ).

He was getting such a consistent amount of hot dates it would make ANY man jealous - beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

But instead of an air of excitement, Jimmy always told me with a sense of DREAD when he spoke about his upcoming day2s.

"What's happening this weekend, where should we go to pillage and plunder? " I asked my normal Friday afternoon question.

"Oh I can't make it this weekend, I have Day2s on both Saturday and Sunday…" Jimmy let out a heavy sigh as he slumped into his chair.

"W...why do you sound like it's the biggest chore, as if you are going to a naked sauna with your fat boss…" I genuinely enquired.

"I don't know… nothing seems to happen on these dates.. "

Jimmy had been on 22 dates since we began going out.

This was a complete shock to me as Day 2s had always been my FAVOURITE part of the whole process.

I needed him to rewind and back the truck up (*beep beep beep).

And after a long back-the-truck-up debriefing discussion, I summarise where Jimmy was going wrong in these 3 points:

Question 1: Where are you taking these girls?

Jimmy: To my local Chinese takeaway restaurant.

chinese restaurant date - expectation

What I Imagine a day2 looks like

chinese restaurant date - reality


Question 2: What are you guys talking about on these dates?

Jimmy: Usually just me asking a lot of questions. When we run out of things to say she eventually leaves.

Question 3: Do you have a hard on at any stage?

Jimmy: No.

job interview

What Jimmy's dates felt like for the girl

I think everyone can see where Jimmy is going wrong with point 1. But points 2 and 3 can be a bit more subtle and everyone can have their own opinions on what works for them (happy for you if you found your routine).

Firstly, Chinese restaurants are one of the worst places for a Day 2 (unless you are taking the piss making a youtube video proving you can fclose in spite of having the first date at a Chinese restaurant).

See my previous posts on dates on Valentines and First Dates for suggestions on where to take her for dates.

Now for Questions 2 and 3, the reason Jimmy wasn’t getting anything other than a bowl of seafood chow mein (yum yum) and some prawn crackers out of the dates is because the topics of conversation shouldn’t feel like a job interview, the conversation needs to:

  • A) Show your personality

  • B) MUCH more importantly, allow her to open up HER personality... without feeling judged.

Point B is probably THE most crucial point that gets those 50-50, 60-40, 70-30 girls across the line (anything more is a yes girl and do not need much invitation).

After you skillfully shepherd her to spill her life story (adding humour and being witty here act as petrol on fire), she will feel EXTREMELY connected to you on an emotional level. And we ALL know what happens when a girl feels emotionally connected to a man, she just wants to have him, RAVAGE him, RAPE him (consensually ).

But she is a girl: ie she does not and cannot do what’s on her mind. She will not and SHOULD NOT lead.

That’s YOUR job.

Note: for those rare girls who DO lead us (into bed)... we applaud you xD

Hence, after step 2 - making her feel emotionally connected, you must now lead her physically and sexually. It is your job, your sole purpose in life to MAKE every step happen, and she MUST (token) resist.

And that’s the game we are playing.

Of course, in real life it’s not a scientific process, and you will unconsciously interweave Steps 2 and 3 during the interaction. And as you get better, those steps will become more and more naturally integrated to your game.

Enjoy the spontaneity of her opening up to you, while she simultaneously puts your precum-DRENCHED manhood into her soft cherry-esque mouth.