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Jimmy Fclosed!! (AGAIN)

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This is just a short reactionary post to a message I received this morning.

jimmy fclosed

jimmy fclosed...

Jimmy the Jett fclosed again. A french girl this time (Auf Wiedersehen! Marsch Marsch! - no idea what that means) - AND he has a day2 with a cute Asian girl this weekend (we have the approach footage).

I am over the moon.

My Raw (and Roar) reaction

Now this is not Jimmy’s maiden voyage, but I feel even more proud of him than last time.

Because this fclose (his 3rd), finally feels like he has reached that threshold of certainty: where he will be fine from now on (with or without me).

Yes, he still has MUCH stormy waters to navigate through, but THE darkest clouds are behind him (how GOOD does that feel).

Somehow I convinced him to share his experience via a special blog. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I am just ecstatic because I (and a minority few) always believed Jimmy could transform. But the amount of naysayers when he first started his journey was both stunning and disgusting (and sadly in some ways, expected).

Most people just cannot foresee a socially anxious programmer become a charming, charismatic, all rounded alpha male and human being.

Probably because they have never done anything of that magnitude themselves, or have the mental toughness to put in the hard work required to complete the most PAINFUL identity shift. Maybe it’s a mixture of both.

But now that Jimmy has experienced what he has experienced through this gut-wrenching, SOUL cleansing journey. He will have learnt a lesson much more valuable than how to get a few lays, which is:

Anything is possible.

jimmy fclosed