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Zaj Mahal - An Introduction

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Guten tag monsieur and madame, hope you all had a great weekend.

Personally I had a knightmare weekend where I:

  • Lost every cent I earned from all forms of investment by plunging on Labor to win the federal election @ $1.17 (the one Bill Australia can’t afford);

  • Made 2 crucial mistakes which cost my soccer team a victory;

  • Lost against a bye (a staunch Liberal no less) in Fantasy NRL.

Not sure which of the above hurt the most, but it was sure disgusting to see Dale “the Pale Ale” COPLEY score not 1 but 2 tries... (probably should’ve known at that moment that it wasn’t gonna be my weekend).

Absolutely nauseating

Absolutely nauseating

But all of the above is a result of trying to have your cake and eating it too. I strayed away from the principles that got me my success in Anytime (hard work, robotic discipline, follow your gut and do what YOU honestly feel is right), and tried to coattail my way to an easy payout by following the general public like a sheep. And in the end I got exactly what I deserved - a big fat zero.

So, with that in mind, today we will have a discussion about another person who is on the path to getting what he deserves - our latest student, Zaj.

We all know the story of Jimmy the Jay, a hardcase newbie who to his own admission, has negative inner game when he first started. Basically means even when a girl chooses him, he will find ways to fuck it up. Thank the mighty lord, he is fine now.

Well Zaj is the opposite of Jimmy.

He is very socially calibrated, in a managerial position at a big firm, benches 100kg+ and is definitely considered good looking. In leiman terms he is simply a cool guy.

I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the progress and STRUGGLES (yes struggles) of a well rounded person against a hardcase newb, despite the obvious head-start and seemingly flawless inner game that Zaj possesses.

Compare the pair

Compare the pair...


Zaj and I met at our public speaking training academy. We both progressed through the ranks quickly, but I had an unfair advantage (I was hardened through the most difficult public speaking practice in the world - cold approaching girls on the streets - there is simply nothing more daunting).

As Zaj progressed in public speaking at a speed of knots, he was always curious why I still had the edge over most. And it was only until he broke up with his fiancee (she was a witch too apparently ), that he asked me to show him the true path.

And we did.

Jimmy and I went out with him for some "grocery" shopping (looking for meat ) and he was simply blown away (have the footage, not sure when we can release lol).

We approached uni girls, hot moms, even a skanky Russian 2 set (BIGGEST sluts ← a compliment btw), and we even got Zaj to approach and HOOK 2-3 girls. The highlight was a cute Asian girl with glasses (reminded me of Eva Angelina).

Eva Angelina

She was ABSOLUTELY in love with him: beaming, smiling, giggling at EVERYTHING he says… but his validation tank broke from just that and ejected before the plane had barely taken off (typical beginner quirk). Nevertheless, it was a HUGE effort for his first sesh.

But Zaj had a bite, a taste of the forbidden fruit, and he was ready to take the plunge.

He had a lonnnnng and exciting journey ahead.

Next episode: Zaj Mahal - The Path Ahead