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Humble Beginnings

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I closed the book with a glint in my eyes... The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists - a life changing read. Although it is classified as a light entertainment/autobiography, it really should be filed under educational, inspirational, and life saving.

For the first time in my life, at the ripe age of 20, I finally got a glimpse behind the curtains into the true psychology of women. They DON’T want a guy who treats them nicely all the time?! They DON’T to be your top priority in life?! They ENJOY sex...even MORE so than men?!

Wow… the last one really got me questioning the meaning of life.

It’s CERTAINLY not what I was taught growing up by Hollywood and the mainstream media.


“They enjoy sex…”

If you are reading this article, chances are we shared a very similar journey growing up. We were brainwashed to believe that studying hard and/or getting a good job will lead to riches, b*tches, and happily ever after.

But somewhere along the path you realise being respected by your peers, having your love reciprocated, and not be a COMPLETE door mat is equally, if not more important than the materialistic things we don’t need.

Nothing to be ashamed of, you are in the majority.


Handy lounge room addition

But everyone reacts to that realisation in different ways. Some people accept it, some people deny it, others like yours truly, decide you can do something about it.

So upon closing the book, I was shivering in excitement at the new possibilities. Plus when you are at rock bottom, which was where I was, what do you have to lose.

rock bottom

Rock bottom… a great place to be

So over the next few days I learnt the apocalypse opener, the ring finger routine, and the shotgun-neg. I was locked and loaded and ready to embark on this magical journey with my best friend, Jim.

Jim had a very similar upbringing to myself, but he’s a little shorter, a little chubbier, and a little sleazier. It’s a compliment. We fought many battles together over the next 2 years. More on that later.

Note of warning: This was back in 2007 when game was still relatively new. Nowadays doing routines and having canned material is reserved more for the circus. Game has moved on.


An impressive routine

Although I was excited by the new knowledge and possibilities, in my mind I still wished for every noob’s dream: do ONE perfect approach.

I would meet her at the right place, the right time, and say the exact right things. She is gonna love me for me, and we will ride into the sunset together… and then I can go back to playing World of Warcraft.


A sucker realising the noob’s dream...

But as soon as I stepped out of the door… everything i practiced in front of the mirror became a spell-binding blank.

A smooth opener of “who lies more, guys or girls”, became a weak “He…” as the girl walked past without a second look; the sparkling eye contact became a staring match between me and the concrete pavement; a cheeky sexual grin became an uncontrollable quivering upper lip…

After roaming around for a good 5 minutes (which feels like 5 days when you are walking around with paralysing approach anxiety), we gave each other every excuse possible: she’s walking too fast, my hair is too short, she is wearing PURPLE which must means she hates men...

But just when we were about to call it a day, I spotted a girl sitting alone on a bench.

Perfect. At least no one will hear me getting blown out.

target acquired

S...Sarah Connor?

Despite the gripping fear, I trudged towards the direction of the target.

But the closer i got, the more paralysing the anxiety became, and soon the only body part i could feel was my lips ... the Adrenalynn was pumping.

hot girl

Took a lot of research to find the right photo...

For those who never experienced the thrill, it’s similar to the feeling you get before a rollercoaster ride, a job interview, or seeing her (hairy) muff for the first time and not knowing what to do with it - for me it was quite scary :Oo

And to be honest, right before I opened, I wanted to collapse onto the ground like a sack of potatoes and CRAWL away.

But backing out now would feel extremely emasculating… so with my whole body trembling, I charged in.

“E...EXCUSE ME, WHO LIES MORE, GUYS OR GIRLS” - Like a speeding train about to lose control.

She appeared shocked, but to my absolute surprise... smiled.

Girl: H… huh?

Hug: I noticed you are wearing a ring on your first finger on the left hand and fourth finger on the right hand… that tells me you are quite dominant, but also quite submissive when the time is right.

The girl giggled uncontrollably, whilst my mind searched FURIOUSLY for the next routine.

It was at this point where I sat down next to her. Not because I was smooth, but because i lost feelings in my legs… probably collapsing onto the bench would be a more apt description.

star trek collapse

May I join you for a conversation on this lovely bench...

So the ordeal went on for a good 30 seconds, a marathon when you have no idea wat the fk is going on.

Each time she would try to respond to my illogical conversation, but each time I would cut her off to deliver the next piece of material, sticking solid to the 90-10 rule.

I don’t remember exactly how, but I used one of the number-close routines in the book … and got the number.

“Hallelujah… this shit is real”



I tried my best to contain my excitement as she keyed in her digits, but I couldn’t wipe the Cheshire grin off my face. My first number off my first cold approach… it was the sort of excitement that you don’t get many times in your life.

It was probably on par with the first time you received a gift from Santa, the first time you successfully applied for a job, the first time she wrapped those luscious lips around your throbbing manhood.

first time

First time is always exciting...

Looking back on it, anyone with an ounce of social nous can see how jagged the interaction was. But it mattered not, because there are two very valuable lessons that came outta that, especially for those about to embark on their own path less travelled:

1. You Don’t Have to be Perfect

She STILL smiled and laughed despite the complete social retard she was dealing with. This is VERY important to realise if you are a beginner because in your head you must be PERFECT to walk up to a girl and say “Hi”.

The quicker you can get rid off this myth, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits. Social interactions are never perfect, in fact, showing genuine nervousness and admitting you don’t do this often can be VERY endearing.

It shows you are human - which is what “pickup” is - two human beings seeing if they have genuine chemistry with each other (most beginners think it’s about getting every girl to like you - wrong mentality).

2. A Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with...

A small step… that can make a world of difference.

For the rest of that day, I was buzzing on the inside. It was a buzz that I never got from climbing the corporate ladder, or getting high distinction in trigonometry. It was something you cannot buy with money.

But maybe your goal isn’t getting good with girls, and that’s ok. But all of us have a dream we are destined to chase: maybe it’s music, maybe it’s sport, maybe it’s reconciling with your estranged father…

Remember, everyone dies, but not everyone lives. As a man there is nothing more scary than waking up one day and realising you will never achieve your dream, because you chose the easy path all those years ago when you should’ve listened to your inner voice and chose the path your heart desired.

So whatever your dream is, take that first step. You never know where the magical path will lead.

Good luck.