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A 10 Year Transformation (How Much Can You Achieve in One Year, 3 Years, 10 Years) Part 2 of 2

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Previously on Anytime Blogging...

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In our last episode, we gave a glimpse, a dab of precum, on how a shy Asian boy with no particular talent can transform over 10 years..

The idea came to me as I was lying on a boat (I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat!) with a girl I have amazing chemistry with, looking up at a sky full of stars, ticking off item after item on my bucket list.

It made me realise, I have completely overshot my goal.

hugzy collage


When I started my journey over 10 years ago, my goal was simple: to find A girlfriend (singular form)..

But when you follow your heart, sometimes it leads you on an unexpected, grandeur adventure down the rabbit hole. Or in this case… many different holes

Sigh… I need to grow up


Having grown up watching the likes of HZGG (90’s Chinese version of the Twilight Saga), and humming along to the Backstreet Boys (“One Direction” of the 2000’s), I was naturally a romantic at heart.

However, having gone to an all boys high school, I was deprived of the opportunity and the know-how to express my natural desires.

Starved of an outlet, by Year 11 I had completely lost hope.

hugzy year 11

Hugzy started as a hopeless hardcase noob... #lostthatsparkleintheeye

Whether you are in your teens, twenties or thirties (or f**k me even forties - save up to forty percent, at forty winks, forty hour sale), if you didn’t grow up as one of the cool kids, I am sure you can relate to my story.

Below are the details of my learning curve, hopefully it can help you flatten yours.

Year 1

When you are a short, uglei, socially awkward mutha fka (ie, Asian ), you need to start with a plan… no matter how ridiculous it is in hindsight.

MY plan was to learn as many things as I can that girls MIGHT find attractive: piano, gymming and basketball (I read somewhere you can grow a few inches (in height) playing b’ball… ).

And although learning x, y, z, did get me some good initial reactions with girls, it was very situational based (eg. only when a piano is present, you might be able to impress - but a piano is not always readily available in a supermarket or at the beach).

piano by the beach

Do not attempt this at home

And despite these new upgrades, I would still struggle with the basics of attracting a girl (eye contact, tonality, body language, self amusing, no outcome attachment).

Then of course came the book, The Game. And I added cold approaching to my list of “To Learn”.

Result after 1 Year

Progress at the start of anything you learn is significant.

As a man, you will feel amazing having taken on a challenge and stuck to it for a year (with vast and visible improvements).

However, despite the decent results, it is nowhere near enough for you to be truly satisfied.

Eg. you can play a simple song and impress your friends and relatives, who politely act surprised by your improvement (but really they don’t give a f**k )

Eg. you can benchpress 50kg with valour, and your arms no longer look like they might get snapped by a strong breeze. However, your oversized/undersized shirt still hangs over you like a piece of rag, rather than a fashion item that hugs tightly against your bulging biceps.

Eg. you can approach a stranger (7 or below), get her digits, and impress the bonkers out of your friends and family (sleazy uncle Wong), whilst silencing the haters. However, deep down, you know the conversation with her about her accounting job and the pleasant weather will not lead to anything more than a flaky number.

Result after 3 Years

Personally, the most difficult part from Year 1 to Year 3 was pushing past the initial plateau where progress is no longer obvious. This can be solved by switching off your mind (try meditation), and forming a sustainable habit - be honest with yourself what sustainable means to you.

At this stage, depending on your talent and more importantly, dedication, you will see A LOT more consistency.

Eg. you can now consistently play an array of songs, whether it’s for leisure, pleasure or special occasions.

Eg. people can tell that you work out and ask you for advice on gaining/losing weight. People who haven’t seen you since highschool cannot recognise you (partly because you aged more than you should’ve ).

Eg. you broke your limiting beliefs and success barriers, and can now find a girlfriend/get laid with a decent degree of consistency (eg. a new girlfriend every month).

By general standards, you would be considered fairly competent if you stick to something/anything for 3 years.

However, within the consistency also lies a world of frustration. Because consistency does not mean mastery.

There are still many little quirks and irregularities in your development which you don’t understand, and there is still a fair bit of luck involved in your success (too much for your liking).

Result after 10 Years

I am in no way claiming I am a master at any of the pursuits below.

This is just my progress.


hugzy gym transformation

hugzy gym transformation

48kg to now 68kg


Zilch to being decent at a couple of instruments

Public Speaking

From turning red as a tomato and physically shaking to being able to express myself when needed.

hugzy high school

Future public speaking champion

hugzy public speaking award

hugzy public speaking stage

Toastmasters District Contest (one win away from representing Australia - but I bombed my speech that night - will release footage when I find it)

hugzy public speaking plaque

NSW Reclaims the Origin Shield

hugzy public speaking plaque


From virgin to starting Anytime Attraction.

Still nowhere near gurus like RSD Tyler or Nick Krauser… in fact plenty of guns out there who are better.

But I am ok with girls now.

And importantly… I can help YOU become better.


To quote a scholar (Buv aka the Frugal Samurai) - “People over-estimate what they can achieve in one year, but under-estimate what they can achieve in 10.”

Did I achieve a lot in 10 years? Yes and no. Depends whom I am compared to.

But when you are comparing ONLY to yourself, that should be the true benchmark.

And using myself at 20 as a benchmark, I think I can (proudly) say I have gone through a major transformation - to me, that is real happiness.

So if you are anything like where I was in Year 11: don’t lose hope.

Keep your head up, formulate a plan (that will make YOU happy), and start walking towards it.

True happiness awaits.

See you in 2028