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A 10 Year Transformation (How Much Can You Achieve in One Year, 3 Years, 10 Years) Part 1 of 2

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Aloha heroes, villains and fellow komrades! I’m here in sunny Maldives with the lovely Mrs Hugzy-to-be, enjoying the heaven that we call Earth.

For those who don’t know, I met Mrs Hugzy straight after an insta-date earlier in the year (will release footage in due time - of both the instadate and the approach). And being with her made me realise how far I have come since that fateful date with Chloreen

hugzy's girlfriend

Nice view… and the ocean doesnt look too bad either

The trip itself has been quite a landmark. Making love under falling stars, waking up to an ocean view, trying a bit of anal… just a bit (only 2 of the 3 are true). It made me think: how did a boy who had trouble keeping conversation and eye contact with a girl, end up here with the girl of his dreams?

hugzy in highschool

Have come a long way since my release from Alcatraz

Answer is simple: time

It takes time get that succulent bj (lots of glurping noise, lots of eye contact), takes time to see through the token resistance and blast through that last minute resistance (#metoo), it takes time to find an attractive girl who unconditionally loves you for the nerdy you - the last one being the most satisfying.

hugzy picks up white girl


But how LONG does it take?

How long does it take to get to a level where you are satisfied with YOURSELF?

How long does it take to feel in CONTROL of your life?

How long does it take to achieve that emotional and spiritual FREEDOM that we all crave for?

Using my own journey as an example, we will break it down to what you can realistically achieve in one year, 3 years and 10 years.

But as for now, I gotta get back to performing the alphabet with my tongu… i mean… catch up on some lite reading ; )

Until then, so long