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Secret Diary: Getting Laid in Hong Kong (Part 1 of 3)

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The Story

Soft, rhymatic moans resounded in the small studio room. I adjusted the condom by rolling it down a little bit, and ran my hand over her back… I’ve never been a great multi-tasker.

She had a massive dragon tattoo on the left side of her body, the texture of the skin where the tattoo was felt different to the skin that was natural. It was to make sure she never forgets an “extremely painful experience” - she later confided.

It was quite sexy to fuck a girl with a gangster tattoo and massive tits, I grabbed a handful as I pounded her from behind. They were extremely soft. I tried to grab both but couldn’t reach with my short arms

Her name was Jen, she was the first 9 I fclosed

hot asian girl

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Now usually back in those days, I needed to bite my tongue just to hold on for a few more pumps and prevent premature ejac xOS ← emoji for biting your tongue to fight premature ejac

But with this girl, I was trying to maintain focus just to keep erect.

“You ...last ….last… so long” - Jen suddenly inquisited between her moans.

Trying to avoid the question, I gave her a few extra hard pumps before collapsing next to her on the bed. It was HARD work trying to keep Hugzy up.

“When was the last time you had sex?” - she continued her fine detective work.

Knowing I couldn’t avoid it any longer, I replied sheepishly: “This afternoon”

The mood on her face changed from one of pleasure to a look of disgust.

She flipped out.

3 Days Earlier...

The funky smell of a long airplane ride (and the odour of the vomit inducing plane food) filled my entire membrane. I had finally arrived in Hong Kong.

The year was 2009 AD. I had been in the game for 18 months.

In that period, I had:

  • Gone through the initial growing pain period

  • Took a bootcamp with RSD Tyler

  • Gotten 4 runs on the board (that’s an aussie analogy. For American viewers: 4 home runs; for European followers: 4 goals; for Asian not-so-English readers: 4 girls)

Out of the 4 girls, there was a warm lead from tutoring, a cute highschool girl (short skirts) from the library, a hot party girl from Bamboo nightclub and the daughter of a Chinese tycoon I met on the streets.

A very decent (KFC) variety bucket if you ask me

Honestly, I was quite satisfied to transform from an awkward virgin to someone who CAN get laid.

But to benchmark where my game really was, we decided to go test ourselves.

We decided to go on our first sex tour

When I say “we”, of course I meant my favourite wings on the planet.

nba introduction

Introducing from Sydney High, standing at 5 ft 3, weighing at 155 pounds...

Jim - my komrade in arm and best friend. We fought many bloody battles (the Battle of Pitt Street Mall, the Raid on Castlereagh, and my favourite, the Sortie at Sydney Uni). We shared the same path and goal.

Png - despite the name he is not from Papua New Guinea - an unselfish man who would sacrifice himself for the team and the cause. And in the Invasion of Hong Kong, he did just that. An individual that every team needs.

Notorious PiG - a pretty boy who has the personality of a pig. Slothful, gluttonous, and loves a good orgasm or 5. The complete opposite of PNG.

ride into the sunset

The 4 horsemen rode into the horizon together but none of them saw the sunset.

What dangers lies ahead?