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Freedom that comes from this Journey

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*Scottish accent on*

Men dawn’t follo tietles, they follo courage.

*Scottish accent off*

That was my best William Wallace impression, the man for “freedom”.

losing your virginity

Set free from his daily woes

Recently I have hit a blissful sweet spot in life:

  • I have found a girl who ticks all my silly superficial boxes (hot, confident, amazing in bed, loves me unconditionally and dresses like a hooker going to grocery shopping);

  • Both Anytime Attraction and Anytime Fantasy are going better than expected; and

  • Jimmy the Jett is finally getting laid.

Halleluyah, my life is complete.

But this freedom did not just fall on my lap. It took many years of doing things normal people don’t want to put up with (going out to get rejected by girls after a long day at work, emotionally fucking over girls who love you and vice versa, falling down 7 times get up 8, to finally cross that threshold that brings you inner peace.

But let’s not be complacent and be fooled into thinking “I am set”. That mentality will often lead you to the darkest of abysses, which was where I was not that long ago, firmly ensnared by the Wicked Witch of Burwood (a story about a boy getting fist FUCKED manipulated by a girl out of his league - I am grateful for the experience).

So wherever you are in life, picket fence or barbed wire, strive for that next level in life.



Next episode: Meeting the Wicked Witch of Burwood - the prelude to the Abyss