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Meaning of Valentines Day

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It’s that time of the year again, where lurrrrve is in the air. No not the type of love that you clean up with a mop and bucket… but the type of love that’s innocent and pure, aka true love. It’s of course, Valentines Day.

true love

True love

A friend in a group chat (lets call him Buv), asked me today what Valentines Day mean for everyone: men, women, society…

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I started remembering what every Valentines Day was like for me, especially before I started gaming, when I was a WBAFC (hilarious read).

Over the last 10 years, I’ve had countless Valentine experiences (10 to be exact ). But the one that stuck in my mind, as always, was my first Valentines. It occurred when I was in Year 12, it was the first time I bought a rose, it was the first time I declared my love for a girl... in public.


Declaring love in public has caught on since then...

Now I went to an all-boys high school which was next door to an all-girls high school. However, only two types of kids were brave enough to cross the boundaries and venture into the land of the unknown: the “cool” kids (ie normal people who saw nothing wrong with socialising with the opposite sex), and those who craved for some Maggie cup noodles that were only available in the girls’ school.

barriers to love

Boundary to the girls’ school

Now i met this girl, Rain, in tutoring (same class as the Chloreen). She had a cute smile, nicest straight hair, and wore a dress - the last attribute was enough to seal the deal with any high school boys.

She was the girl-next-door in that school next door, and her teacher happened to be my older cousin - yes it’s fate.

After some private discussions with my cousin, and being egged on by her husband, I decided to GO for it. I was going to serenade the girl in front of the class - and I had an elaborate yet simple plan.

I was going to buy a rose, wet my hair, and charge into the classroom at 2:55 past the PM.

As the day finally arrived. I bought a rose from the Eddy Avenue Florist, wet my hair with a water spray used for gardening, and stood outside the classroom with the flower in one hand and MP3 player in the other, trying to memorise the lyrics of the song I was going to sing.

But all I could hear in my head was the POUNDING of my heart that was about to pop out of my THROAT.

fps game

What it feels like before you charge into a classroom full of ‘em mystical creatures that wore dresses...

But as a man, backing out of something is one of the most emasculating things you can do, whether it’s a career move, a sporting pursuit, or approaching women… NEVER BACK OUT

So with my face covered in water and sweat, I stormed the front (GO GO GO) and belted out a rendition of this song.

The entire class squealed in excitement and clapped along, as i sang offbeat and off-key.

I got to the second verse before i was overwhelmed with excitement and thorniness (horniness spelt with a T to avoid spam detection at work).

In the end, I gave her the rose, she looked me in the eye… and gave me a hug... which at the time was equivalent of getting a well-earned bj in the disabled toilets.

But it was a good day, a day where an everlasting memory was created.

And at the end of the day, these memories will be all we have.

So to answer Buv’s original question, what does Valentines Day mean for everyone?

Well for romantics like myself, it’s a chance to play the piano, stroke our baby's hair (Buv's Blog), and express ourselves.

For logical guys like Buv, it’s a shrug accompanied with a quick rub of the nose, before getting the token rose to avoid unnecessary and meaningless conflict with your partner.


How logical guys treats valentines day

For GIRLS, it’s a day to satisfy their emotional needs and gauge their desirability in life, hence the importance of the day to them (their ego is at stake!!).

Disclaimer: this list excludes those in a monotonous relationship, emotionless women and golems (石女)

And that's why this day is a great opportunity for you to find a girlfriend, a partner, or simply add a notch to that old and wrinkled belt.

If you don't know how, drop us a line, we are here to help.

Happy Valentines Day!

Ps. My friend Yeff also charged in after me to serenade his then high-school sweetheart. They're now happily married with a newborn baby.

As for Rain, we actually went out ON valentines day the year after. We decided to go to the movies and i picked King Kong. Great choice for a romantic setting... (ok jokes aside it didnt work out because I didn't project masculinity, didn't know how to escalate, and dressed like a chinese ping pong player).

These failed dates later became the foundations of my success.