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My First Insta-date, Insta-makeout, and Hot Girlfriend

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안녕하세요 여러분!

Writing to you from Korea (of the South) today. Shout out to all the funk Seoul brothers in the world *chuckles

funk seoul brothers

W...whos the guy in the middle…

I’m in the capital of bulgogi to fcl… i mean visit my girlfriend and do some filming for Anytime Attraction.

Yes, life is tough.

Anyway today’s topic is once again to give those who just embarked on the journey (or those just about to) a beacon of light that shines onto the dangerous waters ahead.

My experience as a beginner can be divided into roughly three sections. The heart pounding highs, the soul crushing lows, and the fruitless grind. It can also be summed up into one word:


I have to heed a word of warning here. To those about to embark on any new pursuit, hobby or interest, 87% never make it past the beginner stage (roughly).

But the point is, this is a whirlwind, life changing journey which can be equally painful as it is rewarding.

So be prepared.

Hopefully the three stories below can give you some insight as to what to expect:

Patricia - First Insta-Date

About 3 weeks after my first approach, Jim and I were attacking the streets of Sydney with FEVOR.

“Who lies more, guys or girls?”

“Can I get your expert female opinion on something....”

“Do you believe in Feng Shui”

Were rolling off the tip of our tongues.

We were two (young, dumb, full of c*m) boys who found their purpose in life.

And after 3 weeks, we were seeing some sort of pattern. Every third girl would open up with a smile, every fourth girl would give us a dirty, and every fifth girl thought we were feng shui experts and asked us where to place plants in their houses (avoid sharp corners and sliding doors).

And at this stage, call it beginner's luck, call it naive fearlessness, we noticed two things which at the time blew our minds.

  • 1. Most people were quite receptive to talking to strangers; and

  • 2. Hot girls were easier to approach (than the less attractive ones) - Hindsight note: This is partly down to luck, partly down to hotter girls feeling comfortable and used to being approached, and the fact that they didn’t feel the need to put down 2 harmless noobs - only people with low self esteem feel the need to put others down.

So following a string of good responses from hot girls (good response at this stage was simply a smile and not telling us to fk off), I had no hesitation when I saw a 9 lurking outside Pastuer near Market Citeh (great pho btw).

approaching a girl

the 2018 version of that approach

I opened with an alternate version of the female opinion opener and when she smiled, a warm and fuzzy feeling filled up in my chest.

It’s called validation. The type of validation that only a 9 can give.

She was a backpacker from Czech Slovakia and I asked her if she would like to join me for a romantic date… at the Market City foodcourts.

I don't think she knew where I was taking her so she said yes.

After we ordered our Sizzling Sizchuan Beef and combination laksa respectively, I used every routine from The Game to keep the conversation going.

“Patricia, beauty is very common, but what makes you so special?” - in my best Morgan Freeman narrating voice.

But on the inside, I was thinking: “Beauty at your level is NOT common”.

My head was spinning from the validation overflow.

But sitting in that Market City foodcourt, near the window facing Chinatown, I was filled with pride and belief.

From a guy who got constantly rejected by ug3s (and below), to insta-dating a European model at my favourite foodcourt outlet… it was surreal.

I was euphoric… because this shit was real.

First insta-makeout (Leah) and First hot girlfriend (Ness)

After breaking up with my first girlfriend for the first time (whom I met outside the game), I decided to embark on the 40 day challenge. I have always been one of those people who valued emotional connection more than physical pleasure, so I have never had trouble keeping discipline with no-fap.

And it was amazing, having 7 days, 14 days, 21 days of testerstorone built up. It made me feel like a tiger on a LEASH.

I was getting amazing results and seeing vast improvements (by beginner’s standards).

Instead of exiting happily with the number, I was escalating boldly.

Instead of texting for a day 2, I would call (and have the most awkward conversation you can imagine).

Instead of playing games and wasting time, I was reading up on self improvement books left right and centre (eg. Way of Superior Men - David Deida, must read).

I was on a non-mormon mission.

And on Day 25, Jim and I went to our regular Thursday joint, Greenwood Plaza. For those not familiar with the scene, back in 2010 this was the place for hot, rich, spoilt North Sydney brats to get a taste of alcohol and lose their virginity .

With 25 days of cum in my sack, I was approaching like a maniac, blazing a trail of destruction behind me (whilst Jim and my tall, good looking friend Juju stood by the bar conversing about who to pick for their fantasy nrl team and the ever evolving Sydney weather .

As for me, the night went something like this:

Hot white girl *boom* blowout

Ugly white girl *boom* blowout

Fat AND ugly white girl *BOOM* blowOUT

But it mattered not. When you are in state, you are not thinking of what you might lose. All you can see is what you can gain. What value you can GIVE.

And with that attitude, soon - maybe 15 minutes of mass approaching later - I was in a 3set with 2 white girls and their tall asian friend.

Not much need to be said here. I opened the asian girl (Leah) with confidence and dominance and it was a simple case of boy approaches girl he likes, girl likes boy, boy kisses girl.

The entire interaction took about 3 minutes and I left JUMPING for joy (literally, into Jim and Juju’s welcoming brotherhood arms, fist pumping et al).

Yes, her lips were soft and the flavour was strawberry

fist pump

Random note: COINCIDENTALLY she actually looks like my friend’s WIFE, a friend who was present that night (you can't make this shit up).

Anyway the hot streak didn’t end there.

On Day 26, Jim and I went to our regular Friday joint, Bamboo. For those not familiar with the scene, back in 2010 this was the place for hot, fun, skanky Asians to get a taste of alcohol and lose their dignity .

With 26 days of cum in my sack, and still BUZZING from the night before, I approached the FIRST girl I saw with VALOUR.

I grabbed her arm (with just the right amount of calibration) and asked “Who are you >=)” - credit opener to RSD 2008.

A pleasant shock spread across her face before giggling like a schoolgirl (she was in uni btw).

I was in.

For the rest of the night I had the time of my life. Grinding her, drinking with her, whispering dirty secrets into her ears. I was precumming like a TAP down my leg.

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she rammed her tongue into my mouth, passionately kissed me for a good 10 seconds, and ran away (giggling whilst doing so).

I left the venue lost and confused… and in love.

We met up 2 weeks later and had a perfect date. Fate cannot script this but it was Day 39, just like the movie. When I took her home and unloaded a MONSTROUS 17 roper into her mouth.. my life was complete . I lied in bed that night, and texted Jim.

“Lord have mercy… what a difference 3 months makes” - it earmarked 3 months since that night I was rejected by Chloreen.

hot girlfriend

First hot girlfriend

But I wish this was a Hollywood Movie and this is how the fairytale ends. But due to my lack of experience, I of course became the most needy and pathetic fuck. It happens when you punch above your weight for the first time.

I went from the charming mysterious guy at the club to a supplicating beta male.

And sure enough, she eventually stopped messaging me.

And for the following month, I barely crawled out of the bed. And as much as it pains me to admit, I cried like a little bitch. Everywhere I looked reminded me of her.

ALL is lost, I thought, and i will NEVER find a girl like that again.

Back to the Grind

The next 6 months entailed the some of the hardest and harshest moments of my entire journey.

I was no longer interested in 4s 5s and 6s due to my experience with Ness, but my game was nowhere near good enough to consistently date 7s and above.

So it was a vicious cycle of getting blown out 10-30 times every night, feeling sorry for myself, then pump myself back up, and repeat - 3 times a week for the next 6 months.

But that’s when I learnt to harden the fuck up.

The foundations for all the things beginners would die for (how to get rid of approach anxiety? How to gain consistency? How to attract hotter girls), were all built during those 6 months of torture.

And I have to mention here the role Jim played during this period is INVALUABLE.

Without him, I would’ve quit the journey, went back to my ug2 girlfriend, and lived unhappily ever after.

But no, he dragged me out (sometimes PHYSICALLY) EVERY FWARKING night. I hated him at the time, but I thank him everyday for the last 4 years.

My success, a large portion, was down to Jim’s never say die attitude. I hereby thank you and salute you, sir.

This is why I recommended you to take time to find a good wing… because he will drag you through the tough times and you can reap the rewards together thereafter.

And that process is one of the most joyful experiences in life.


As one may see, this journey is not for the feint hearted. I actually cannot think of another journey that requires the protagonist to face public rejection and failure, over and over. But, there’s also not many other journeys that forces you to grow so quickly as a person.

So if you are going through that torturous period, no matter how dark it gets, just keep going, 1 more week, 1 more day, 1 more set... you will be surprised how resilient your spirit is.

You will thank yourself later.

Enjoy the ride!

PS. For those curious of the final result, Patricia and I texted back and forth for a few days but I pussied out asking her out for another date (at the time, just talking to a 9 broke my validation roof). She went back to Czech a week later.

Leah and I went out for a few dates but never got anywhere. We genuinely just became friends.

After dating each other for a month, Ness never messaged me again. But the memory of fclosing her on day 39, shooting that monstrous load into her mouth, and the heartbreak thereafter will forever be in my memory bank.