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Finding Happiness

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I was going to follow up the last blog with another practical guide for beginners (coming soon). But today I realised something crazy…

I am happy

It was triggered by an innocent chat with my good friend Heffler. When he asked how I was, I was shocked to find myself muttering the words: “I… am happy”

The most surprising part is that the happiness wasn’t derived from meeting new women (very high and ego-boosting), or being financially secure (very comforting and sometimes ego-boosting), or winning a competition/achieving a goal (again, very satisfying and ego-boosting)...

But it was simply from fighting out of a storm and feeling liberated thereafter.


Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Freedom - aka. Real Happiness

The key is to not give up DURING the storm, when there IS no light to guide you through the pitch black tunnel.

Does this mean I am now Eckart Tolle aka spiritual guru? Nope (not yet)

But I guess this fleeting feeling is what everyone’s looking for deep down, so I will cherish it for the day.

Until next time…

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