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May Day In June - Fighting out of Mayhem

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A quick special post today.

"May day may day!" - Hugzy is in big trouble.

Not the type of trouble that earns you a lunch time detention in primary school, or when you put your weekly salary on a team and they go down 3-1 in a 7 game series...

But the type of trouble that occurs when your life starts to spiral out of control.

For some, its being addicted to cocaine, where you would start begging strangers on the street for a few cents just so you can get your fix.

For others, it’s walking out of a casino at 5am, not knowing where your next meal is going to come from.

For me, it’s about losing control in life, and not living up to your full potential - which petrifies me. (The exact details I will disclose in due time).


scotland euro gazza

gazza still on cocaine

Sad to see...

It is funny how life can change in an instant, not long ago, I was riding high on life, but at the time I knew the storm wasn’t too far away.

And now, life is beating me to my knees (50% my own fault, 50% just the way it goes).

But in a way I am very happy because since Jimmy and I started Anytime Attraction, it has been allll fair-weather up to this point. You can never grow from smooth sailing.

But now, you have a real case study of a boy in trouble, and we get to see how he fights out of to fight for your life when life is beating you down to your knees and keeping you there.

I have been in similar situations before, where the world is absolutely crumbling around you, and here is what I did during the previous storms that got me out of trouble:

Start with a blank canvas

When your life is spiralling out of control, chances are you are either carrying too much on your shoulders, or have been a slug doing absolutely nothing. Whichever it is, start fresh.

Work out what is it that you will make you happy, even if it seems stupid and the world judges you for it. Start walking in that direction towards YOUR happiness.

Drop everything that doesn’t matter, or anything that doesn’t supplement your goal.

You will feel an aura of relief once you make that decision to let go.

Take small action

Now that you have a goal, start planning baby steps to get there.

Are you depressed because you are massively overweight? Start making a plan on which beginner’s exercise you can undertake and what sort of diet can improve your physique (doesn’t have to be an Olympian’s diet, just one that’s an IMPROVEMENT on what you are currently doing).

Are you a loser who gets rejected by every girl you show a flicker of interest towards? Drop your fucking ego and start seeking help on how to become more sociable and likeable (if you are reading this then you have already completed the first few crucial steps).

Is your life immersed in nothing but bitterness and pain? Ask yourself what WILL make you happy. The answer is never "nothing… nothing will make me happy" ← if that is your answer, then it is simply subcommunication for "I am not willing to put in the sacrifices to earn the happiness".

Just telling it as it is today.

Gain that steely edge

The society today breeds feminine men (we call it "softcock-itis"), where you can act like a bitch and get away with it. Plenty of people’s happiness these days derive from how others react towards a picture they post online… now that is sad

BUT, that masculine flame inside you is not so easily snuffed. Everyone has the capabilities to gain that steely edge and robotic discipline that translate to success, we just need to find the circumstances to bring that lion out of us.

Sometimes you just need the right guidance.

Sometimes you need to be called out for being a bitch.

Sometimes it happens when your life is so miserable you just decide enough is enough.

Either way, life will force you to man up.


"You have to lose everything, before you can gain anything"

Good luck to ME.


PS. We are going back to blog-a-fortnight releasing every second Monday. I am a slow writer and simply cannot churn out content of satisfactory quality that we desire.