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Bewitched: The Prelude to Meeting the Witch

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Multiple lines of sweat streamed down my forehead, the aircon wasn’t quite working.

I looked down at Hugzy as it slid vigorously in and out of my girlfriend’s hairy vag , it was quite the dark forest… (it’s a jungle out there)

“C… can I put it in the other hole baby?” I always like to ask for permission in these situations. I am a #metoo type of guy


Harley was the first girl I had anal sex with, and sorry to confess but it has just been an addiction since.

For those who have never tried it are missing out. If you do it right, the girl will orgasm simultaneously in 2 different places - while you will just… cum... really intensely

But not only was she adventurous in bed, Harley was another girl who loved me unconditionally. She would cook, clean, and we would try a different position every night (oh and she squats).

perfect girlfriend

A part of me feels very fortunate that I have been spoilt by so many girls who genuinely loved me for me throughout this journey (when I first started I would’ve been happy with one). But another part of me, the deep down, I knew I had much more to give to the world than settle with a sexually adventurous 7.

As Harley orgasmed simultaneously in 2 difference places (2 digits in her pink, Hugzy in her stink - ew), her physical pleasure quickly turned into emotional pain.

She grasped me tightly and started bawling her eyes out. She was leaving for France in 2 hours… for good.

Viva La France

Viva La France.

I was quite upset, but also extremely excited on the inside. I was finally ready to go hit the streets again, where I belong.

It might seemed like an innocuous event at the time, but with Harley leaving, I was about to have THE most transformational experience of my pickup career (if you can call it that).

And for those who are on that long hard path to pickup mastery, I am sorry I must be honest: it was one of the most brutally painful experiences one can endure.

But it was also THE experience that made me let go that last piece of ego which held me back for 3 years, the piece that stopped me graduating from intermediate to advanced.

*Rewind back to Thursday, February 9, 2017*

It was a week after Harley had left, I was doing my usual pre-Valentines Day swoop-up-the-single-ready-to-mingle ladies who were thorny and lonely.

And at Metropolis Burwood, I met a borderline hb8.

The pickup went quite well but at the time I had no idea why she liked me (I didn’t do anything special). I thought it was a simple case of “I levelled up”... but it was far from the truth.

Regardless of how I got her, the result was evident: she was a level or 3 above the usual girls I dated at the time:

  • She was hot

  • She EXUDED feminine energy (SO important, makes the sex SO much more intense and satisfying)

  • She enjoyed making out with other girls before giving me one of those eye-rolling-to-the -BACK-of-the-HEAD blowjobs

The last one is getting me excited even NOW.

two girls making out

But on any hero’s journey, there is often an episode of “fool’s gold” before you can obtain the real scrolls of wisdom, and this was that episode.

So how did this “perfect” girl turn into my biggest knightmare?

We shall continue this story another day.

Until next time… sayonara~