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Testing of the Frugal Theorem (beating LMR)

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“Ace of Hearts” as she flipped over her hole card.

We were playing a dangerous game of high stakes poker, where each time I won a hand, I would physically escalate one step closer to taking down the (honey) pot… and each time I lost… I would still escalate :0p

I would lean in to sniff her hair which contained a fragrance that made me wanna cum straight away, I would run my hand over her thighs, I would lean in to kiss her… but only to be playfully pushed away with her finger over my lips.

It made me REALLY wanna… for the lack of a more appropriate word… fuck her.

To make matters worse, she was dressed like an absolute hooker, similar to when I first saw her on the streets. It’s one of the pre-requisites I have of my dream girl (“dress like a hooker when going grocery shopping” )


There is something very respectable about a girl who takes grocery shopping very seriously

We played a game of 2 steps forward, and 1 step back. Each time I thought I was about to taste the forbidden fruit, she would put up an obstacle to halt the progress.

It’s called dating.

But as I sat there, with a migraine-inducing hard on, words of the Frugal Samurai rang around in my head.

“Keep calm… and just take your cock out when the time is right”

Although his advice was to Jimmy, it struck a chord with me.

I had been fumbling my way around the LMR stage for a good 12 months. Sometimes I succeeded, other times I was left with a blue sack in my pants.

It was way too inconsistent for my liking.

I had always thought, brainwashed by hollywood and mainstream media, that unless the girls JUMP on your cock, it means she’s not ready.

But for any average player or any sexually active girls reading this, we all know that’s FAR from the truth.

The seduction/last minute resistance phase of dating is THE most exciting, scary, intense, liberating (plus many other emotions) experience the girl can have.

We as guys just want to get it over and DONE with… and get the result (win or lose, 0 or 1, black or white).

Whilst the girl is thoroughly enjoying the process, and wants to prolong it for as much as she can for 3 reasons:

  • She is loving the attention, the thrill, the imagination of being taken by an alpha man. Fucking her in a way that she deeply desired but cannot verbalise for many reasons;

  • In the process of LMR, she can truly see how much of a man you really are, or were you just putting up a front all this time.

    There is quite a bit of pressure on the man when it comes to being “so close to the prize”, especially if it is a girl you don’t think you can easily replace. During that moment, she can find out a lot about you.

    For example: on the streets, you can be all indifferent, charming and speak your mind freely because you don’t have much to lose. Worst case scenario she walks away and you can approach another hot girl within 2 minutes.

    BUT, after getting her to agree to a date (absorbing many rejections along the way), took her (and yourself) on an emotional rollercoaster, and finally gotten her approval, NOW suddenly there IS something to lose.

    She just wants to see how you, as a man, react in that situation.

  • She is scared of the post-coital rejection (absolutely terrified), that all the attention and affection was just to get into her pants - and there is no bigger disappointment for the girl.

Please note that I was NOT aware of the above 3 points during that date (or at least not internalised), otherwise it would’ve been quite straight forward.

“Deuce of Spades” - as her commanding voice brought me back to the present.

But the only ‘juice’ I wanted was of the vaginal variety

In that moment, on that couch, I was at a stage of the date which I was very familiar with. We had a great time, there is a fun flirty sexual vibe, but she had repeatedly hinted that she “have to wake up early tomorrow” and “not yet, not on the first date”.

The latter is ESPECIALLY comforting for men to hear, and often we just mentally chalk it down as a sure-lay (she said, not on the first date, which implies it will happen on the 2nd or 3rd date right?) - yes, it’s a decent chance (maybe 50-60%), but that means there is still a real likelihood that you will fuck up somewhere inbetween now and the actual lay.

Stat attack: everything written applies to approximately 60-70% of dates, where everything is a maybe (most exciting).

20% (1 in 5) are simply down to fuck and will suck your precum stained cock unless you REPEATEDLY fuck up during the date.

10% (1 in 10) are simply not interested no matter what you do, and was forced to go on the date by their best friend/mom, or just wanted to see for sure that they’re a lezzo (lesbian).

Here is the difference in mentally that gets you consistent lays, as opposed to half-decent, wishy-washy results.

I was sick of the frustration built up over the last 12 months of not being able to convert more consistently, and combined with the Frugal’s wise words, I suddenly felt the penny drop.

I suddenly realised that even when they are not overtly showing interest, they are sub-communicating interest just by being there.

In their minds, they’re secretly hoping: “I hope he can read my signals and doesn’t just give up and drive me home” ← if you do that, you both lose.

Game Over.


As you drive her home

This subtle realisation is one of the two epiphanies that resulted in the biggest leap in my game (the other being: if she texts back, it means she is interested. Setup the date A S A P. Internalising both of the above will save you much wasted time and frustration).

Samples of not showing overt interest/putting up logistical barriers:

  • “The last guy I dated tried to take me home too quickly, I really didn’t respect that”

  • “I would love to but not tonight, I have to finish my work”

  • “I don’t do X Y or Z on first dates”

Every single one is simply a test of your frame. Is it unshakeable like a man should be? Or do you crumble like a sack of potatoes and give in.

My humble solutions to navigating the above are:

  • “I understand” - and change the mood back to a fun/sexual vibe, then lead her home.

  • “I understand” - then peck on her the cheek, then lips, then neck… (change her mood, not her mind)

  • Use your experience and calibration, but the template is identical to the above: acknowledge, then lead her in the direction YOU want as a MAN (ie. fun and sexual).

Generally play the same game she is playing: saying one thing but wanting something completely different.

If she really wasn’t interested, she would’ve left.

But despite her dozens of excuses (she used all the samples above), she was still there, playing a sexually charged game with a stranger she just met a few days ago. No prizes for guessing what she is really after.

“Pocket Queens… you lose… guess we have to continue this another day” she said with a testing tone, waiting to see how I would react.

“Okay sure… let me drive you home >=)... “ I replied as I gave her a helping hand off the couch. But instead of heading to the car, I pulled her in close, tightly pressed against my chest, and our tongues met for the first time.

Saying one thing but doing something totally different. I am learning from these girls

And even THEN, she still put up token resistance “Haha… Im not like that haha, I never kiss on first date!” - yet, she was thoroughly enjoying the spit-bridge action.

As our tongues flapped against each other softly but ferociously, my mind clicked: it is time.


I reached for my zippers with my left hand whilst caressing her face with my right. But I was doing it very poorly, because the zipper was stuck.

“Fuck you zipper JUST UNZIP PUH-LEASE”

As I finally tore it open with brute force, I reached in and felt a Hugzy completely lubricated with precum.

I took it out with valour, and chaffed my skins slightly along the way - I didn’t care one-iota (until the next day )

I placed her hand on my cock … and she made a sound of absolute surprise...and then a moan of pure delight.

“No no… put it away” as she started stroking it masterfully (again… saying and doing the polar opposite)

And without another word, she gobbled it up (greedily) in her mouth…

I held on for as LONG as I physically could… and just exploded.


Hey look, they even made a film about my experience :0p

As my salty cum dripped out of the corner of her mouth, I took a mental image of that watershed moment… and saved it in my wank-bank.

But despite the physical pleasure, the emotional victory was infinitely more satisfying.

I had finally learnt how to properly deal with LMR.

It was a difficult barrier to overcome, especially considering I am a short, average looking guy (at best) who was dating girls that are 7s and above. (If you are an 8 lowballing an UG3… there will be no LMR )

Since then, I have grown to enjoy and love the LMR process, because there is nothing more exciting than saying one thing, then leading her to doing something completely different

I must say thanks to the Samurai for imparting his wisdom once again, and to the players who are stuck at this can-be-very-frustrating stage:

See past the overt communications, read what the situation sub-communicates (ie. she really likes you) and…


Next Episode: Jimmy’s Turn to Test the Theorem