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Back From The Abyss

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Konichiwa mina san~! こんにちはみなさん!私はsydneyに帰りました!

Apologies to my loyal readers for going AWOL (if you are reading this, you REALLY are loyal).

A LOT have happened as you can imagine... I have finally returned from the last leg of my Asian tour of Manilla (Gorilla), Hong Kong, China, Korea and Bali.

I picked up a bit of Japanese as well. That’s what happens when you go travelling in Indonesia, you pick up the local lingo.

poor you

Looking for my Starcraft: Broodwar CD as we speak...

Anyway enough foreplay, you are here to learn about how to pick up girls on the streets, so lets (muff) dive straight in :O8 ← muff dive emoticon

And since the theme today is about returning, I want to talk about returning from a place named The Abyss. And yes, it will help you find that next tier of hot girls that you desire, that you NEED… that you deserve.

What is the abyss?

The abyss (无底洞) is a term I came up with last year when I was going through a period of complete darkness, with NO HOPE in sight (I thought I found ‘the one’ - but I didn’t lol - more on that another day).

It’s the period you MUST overcome if you are to reach the next stage of your development. Whichever stage you are at, whatever your journey may be.

It’s the darkest hour before dawn, but there is a BIG reward at the end of it.

poor you


How do you fall into the Abyss?

When you choose the path of growth.

When you leave your warm, comfortable, rainbow-coloured bed socks behind, and exchange them for a path that will forge you into a MAN.

You make mistakes, you learn, you grow.

And at the end of each stage (hardcase newbie, beginner, intermediate, advanced), you are faced with a challenge.

The Abyss.

Because at the end of each stage, you are required to let GO of (almost) everything you learnt, and start afresh. During this period, you will feel all the negative emotions that come with un-learning and re-learning the process (frustration, anger, despair). This is why often hitting rock bottom is a blessing in disguise. You are forced to start with “nothing to lose” - exactly what you need to get to the next stage.

So, How do you get out of the Abyss?

Well it depends which stage you are at. Hardcore noobie? Beginner? Or are you stuck in Intermediate Purgatory.

Stayed tuned for a theoretical and practical guide.

Part 2 - How to Escape the Abyss

Until then, sayonara! さよなら!