Anytime Attraction

Be attractive. Anywhere, anytime


How to find a girlfriend, a partner, the one... Anytime, anywhere!

Society has an unwritten guideline of when, where, and how you can meet people. It is very archaic, confining, and inevitably leads to the land of scarcity.

At Anytime Attraction, we know anyone can find “the one” at any given moment, and you definitely don’t need anything superficial.

The website is a culmination of videos, how-to’s and articles aimed to show anything is possible, shorten the learning curve for those walking the path, and provide a good laugh to all.

We hope you find the content informative, inspiring and brings a smile to your face, whether you are sipping latte in the Hiltons with two girls in your lap, or drinking your 2nd refill at Hungry Jack’s after breaking up with a “girl you cannot replace”.


As shy introverts who weren’t blessed with movie star looks, nor born with a silver spoon, we understand the frustrations and hopelessness that comes with not knowing how to express yourself.

However, with a bit of heart, bit of drive, and some guidance, anyone can become more attractive and achieve abundance, whether it’s in health, wealth or in this case, relationships.

We started this website to share what we have learnt on our journey. And with you, hopefully we can continue learning together.


Whether you are a beginner looking for a toolkit to get started, a hardcase who wants to see what’s possible, or an intermediate going a plateau, chances are you are an individual with all the talent in the world but lack the belief, the vision, or the know-how (or maybe all 3) to obtain what you deserve.

We are here to walk the path with you, and hopefully the lessons we learnt from OUR mistakes can make YOUR journey a little easier.

Thanks for visiting!

The Team


Head of Attraction

Has escaped from the matrix of society without relying on looks, height or money - although he has a very, very big ... heart ;). He wants to share this liberating feeling of freedom, abundance and control of your own destiny with the world... because he believes anyone and everyone can achieve the same.


Head of Technology

Once upon a time, a hardcase newbie who believed only guys of certain stereotypes can attract hot girls. Currently, undergoing a transformation without reliance on plastic surgery. Have gone from never been on a date, to 21 dates and counting since a fateful meeting with Hugzy. Watch this space...