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Let the Ego Die

Reading time: 4 minutes

I was just casually doing some research for the business when I got a flurry of messages from Jimmy, the last of which read: “And it’s dark”

My first impression was that maybe he just approached an ug1 thinking she was an 8 from behind because it was dark...

Or he was on the verge of killing himself due to the painful dark period he was going through.

I opened up Whatsapp to see this:

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How to Pickup a Shop Assistant

In the first ever episode of infield breakdown, Hugzy analyzes an interaction with a shop assistant.

Should You Remove Your Safety net (Quit Your Job, Move Out) to Focus on Life Goals (eg pickup)?

Reading time: 10 minutes

I pulled her panties up and off her ankles for the umpteenth time…unveiling a white mucousy liquid which covered her tightly slit vag.

She was still a virgin.

A look of disgust overwhelmed my face. But I dived in, hiding my grimace.

At the time, I was still unversed at the art of cunninglingus. I flapped my tongue against her drenched orifice with my eyes tightly shut… trying to not think of the putrid smell and/or taste.

It was gonna be my second ever lay… and I was willing to do anything to not fuck it up.

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New Years Eve: Dream vs Reality

A happy new year message from Anytime Attraction

Sunny Day in May

Reading time: 4 minutes

I strapped on the Anytime singlet and adjusted my Sesame Street underwear. It was a fine day Saturday afternoon in Sydney. PERFECT for meeting your next soul mate on streets.

For those who don’t know, when the mercury rises above 20 past the therm-o-meter, girls in Sydney take it as an invitation to fulfill their fantasies by dressing up like hookers.

Some of the things girls wear on a sunny day in Sydney is simply criminal… but no one is complaining.

It is one of the gifts of life.

Jimmy and I had been accustomed to this over the years, on a Saturday afternoon it’s like going to the supermarket for some veges and milk, going to the barber shop for a quick haircut, going to the butchers for a fine piece of meat

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How to Get Dates in 5 Minutes

In this episode, Anytime Hugzy demostrates how to pick up a VERY confident & alpha girl who gave him all sorts of shit tests.

Jimmy's Journey: The Mentality Shift

Reading time: 6 minutes

“Fclosed again”

I was drafting up a message for Jimmy. It had become part of a most joyful routine:

Meet an attractive girl on the streets → enjoy a sexually charged, emotionally connecting date → navigate around the LMR → taste her cum → share the joy with Jimmy via a two word text

It’s wild, it’s exciting, it’s how life’s meant to be…

But that day, I stared at the message for a good 5 minutes and hesitated to press send.

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