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Jimmy's Journey: The Mentality Shift

Reading time: 6 minutes

“Fclosed again”

I was drafting up a message for Jimmy. It had become part of a most joyful routine:

Meet an attractive girl on the streets → enjoy a sexually charged, emotionally connecting date → navigate around the LMR → taste her cum → share the joy with Jimmy via a two word text

It’s wild, it’s exciting, it’s how life’s meant to be…

But that day, I stared at the message for a good 5 minutes and hesitated to press send.

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How to Pickup a Shop Assistant

In the first ever episode of infield breakdown, Hugzy analyzes an interaction with a shop assistant.

Testing of the Frugal Theorem (beating LMR)

Reading time: 8 minutes

“Ace of Hearts” as she flipped over her hole card.

We were playing a dangerous game of high stakes poker, where each time I won a hand, I would physically escalate one step closer to taking down the (honey) pot… and each time I lost… I would still escalate :0p

I would lean in to sniff her hair which contained a fragrance that made me wanna cum straight away, I would run my hand over her thighs, I would lean in to kiss her… but only to be playfully pushed away with her finger over my lips.

It made me REALLY wanna… for the lack of a more appropriate word… fuck her.

To make matters worse, she was dressed like an absolute hooker, similar to when I first saw her on the streets. It’s one of the pre-requisites I have of my dream girl (“dress like a hooker when going grocery shopping” )

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New Years Eve: Dream vs Reality

A happy new year message from Anytime Attraction

A Turning Point for Jimmy: Meeting with the Samurai

Reading time: 7 minutes

Disclaimer: this is an entirely fictitious story based on obviously made-up characters. Everything said is for story purposes and for entertainment only.

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We walked through the pebble path towards the man-made waterfall. On another day we might have stopped by and soaked up the atmosphere, but today we paid no attention what-so-ever.

We were on a mission... to get Jimmy laid. He was at the crossroads of his pickup journey, which almost ended before it began.

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How to Get Dates in 5 Minutes

In this episode, Anytime Hugzy demostrates how to pick up a VERY confident & alpha girl who gave him all sorts of shit tests.

The Final Hurdle: A 14 Month Plateau

Reading time: 5 minutes

We slumped into our respective chairs… exhausted.

It was our half-time ritual.

After a solid 90 minutes of walking the silk road that is Central to Market City (full of treasures - of ALL kinds), we would take a well earned break at the pub next to the station (just found out it's call Royal Exhibition Hotel ).

We would replenish our fluids, debrief about the session that had just been, and input the names of the girls we number closed (when you get 4 solid numbers in a sesh, it is advisable to write a note and put in their correct names - unless you wanna get a message back saying “uhhhh… this is Fiona, who is Tracy”)

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